Why do I like to be alone?

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asked Apr 16, 2015 in Science by Felicity (990 points)
If there is one thing I love so much, it is being alone. I would rather have myself locked up in my room doing anything from drawing to painting rather than talking to people. This has given my parents lots of concern as they can hardly understand why I have chosen to live in seclusion. However, this habit has almost destroyed my social skills as I have a chronic social anxiety to contend with whenever I'm faced with a situation that requires me talking to an audience. I often feel helpless and panicky whenever I talk to a crowd.

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answered Apr 19, 2015 by josanne (1,330 points)

The human race is a very complicated one, so you can find different people doing the same thing with different motives and for different reasons. Outlined below are some possible reasons why some people prefer being alone to being with others, in some cases, there are two or more reasons in a single individual.

  • Inadequate social skills: This is one common reason why people would rather be alone. They do not know what to say or do when they find themselves in the company of others. This is one of the most popular self deception technique employed by the human mind. The individual often hides behind the claim and beliefs that he enjoys being alone instead of admitting the fact that he lacks proper communication skills.
  • Lack of social interests: No normal human can live a normal live without other human beings. We need one another to survive. Some people did not develop proper social interests when they were much younger, a trait that can be traced to the nonchalant attitudes of their caregivers. So such people prefer being all by themselves instead of being with people, simply because they have no interest in others and things happening around them.
  • Protective walls: To some group of people who enjoy being alone, the world and the people in it are evil, bad and untrustworthy. These are people who had some terrible experiences while growing up and never got rid of the traumas and stigmas that came with such experiences.
  • Mental health and introversion: Recently, researches are beginning to place introversion as a form of mental disorder. Don't you feel like hanging out with your friends whenever some very exciting things happen in your life? Or when you have a problem that keeps you depressed? Do you lock yourself up in your room brooding all day? Some people prefer being alone because they have an introverted nature, but being an introvert on its own is a serious indication that things are not going the right way in your life.
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answered Apr 26, 2015 by Eilleen (850 points)
Why do I like to be alone?

Actually, every human being needs sometime to be alone once in a while, I can get quite pissed with people disturbing my life with unimportant issues. Even some people with really intelligent and important issues like using up my time anyhow they deem fit. But I have learnt that the right way for any scholar to make his mark and achieve great feats is by having quality time to spend alone with his inspiring thoughts. Most of the amazing inventions we enjoy today were products of alone times. I wish you all the luck you need in your life endeavors.
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answered Apr 24, 2015 by April (550 points)
Being social is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people just hate it. If you fall into this category, it can only mean one thing - you are an introvert. You enjoy being left alone. I for instance prefer being alone to being with others. It is nothing abnormal; it is who you are and how you were made. But if being alone is affecting your social skills and entire life, maybe you should go out more often. It can be hard sometimes, but if you hang around some people you like and do what you enjoy, you can improve your social skills.
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