Cant pee in morning when hard.

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I am a boy and have never had a problem going to the bathroom. Now if I wake up and need to pee real bad my D gets so hard I can not get anything more then a few drops out. Its not a matter on aim, it just holds itself in. I end up going to school with out going and then it will go down. Later when I know I am about to go to he bathroom it starts to get hard when I am about to go. If I only have to go a little I can, but when I get that full fell my D thinks it is time for something else. It has happen a few times and seems to be getting worse. I do not want any one to see use urinal when hard and when people are around I get nervous some one will see and that again makes it hard to go. I have gone home with cramps a few times. Will I out grow it? Will it get worse? I am almost 14 and growing fast.

I thought I posted this but I do not see it. I hope to hear from some on who had this happen Thanks.

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This is a quite common problems that many teenagers meet in their life, and can be easily solved by the following techniques:

  • Wait. This technique involves leaving bed before your partner wakes up to see the morning wood. Go lock yourself up in the toilet and think of natural things that aren't in the least sexy such as rocks, fish, your hardest school work, etc.
  • Lunge. Ladies may not believe this, but several guys all over the world are already using this technique. This technique helps you get over with the pee without much hassles. Simply place a foot before the other like you do when doing a lunge at the gym, then bend your knees to close the distance between the toilet bowl and the man parts to reduce spillage. This requires a lot of concentration.
  • Frog. You can also take a straddling frog-like position while turning away from the closet.
  • Handstand. Since trying to bend your apparatus directly down while it is erect stops the easy flow of urine, you can face it upside down to get it over with. This will be a whole lot easier if you are a bit acrobatic.
  • Superman. This may not be among the dirtiest options. It requires pressing a part of your body to the toilet bowl and spray your legs and arms out for more balance as if you want to fly as fast as a speeding bullet. In the end, it might all be worth it, because it is not possible to miss with this technique.
  • Portal. This one is for video game fans. But there won't be any portal gun to help you tear a hole in space from where you can direct your pee, you will simply be peeing on the wall. So this is not a good option.
  • Blow dryer. This clever tactic requires using air from your blow dryer to make the pee flow in an arc towards the bowl. This is always fun when you pull it off and makes you feel like you are simply playing a video game.
  • Crazy straw. Finally, we make use of an available household equipment to help us when we are in need. Look for a tubing or crazy straw and fix it to your junk. Then direct the tube towards your bowl.

For the picture of each position, visit here:

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Wow, looks like you covered it.
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i am a girl but that has happened to me and my sisters/brothers before so u r not alone!!!!
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In teenage years such things can happen as if it got a mind of its own. It means you're healthy and that part is working fine. When you are hard, peeing is very difficult.

What have worked for others is:
A: Spread your legs and push out the pee as if you were taking a number two but instead of the number two muscles you use the number one muscles (lowest stomach muscles and .muscles inside). Basically it's muscle control, something you have to learn. When you can pee make yourself aware of what muscles you use and explore stopping to pee and then begin peeing again. Control the stream, slow drip to really pushing the pee out.
B: Sit down and pee.

In combination to one of these methods you can learn relaxation techniques eg center your mind or clear it and take a deep breath. Continue concentrating on the pee muscles, focus on trying to pee. Stay calm and take deep slow breaths. Learn to relax. Turn to wobbly jello.

Remember patience. Learning takes time. While you can achieve the above without it, yoga is a good way to learn muscles control (and it's good exercise). Just don't go for the new-age nonsense "yoga".

This should go down as you age out of the teenage years. As you are just 14 it can get worse since you have just entered teenage years.

If the above methods do not work and you start to experience pain and serious bladder overflow, see a doctor or the school nurse. Having the bladder full for an extended period of time can cause other issues.

Hope this helps you.
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