Does he have a crush

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This guy I've known for awhile just started acting weird he started talking to me alot followed me to the parking lot to talk and twice now hes touched me the last time he put his arm on top of mine last week i mentioned something about a dating site and he told me not to join then proceeded to tell me his horror story and said he would rather meet someone by chance I've also caught him looking at me and when i do he quickly turns away i don't know what to think

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Telling if a guy is into you is not all that easy. Some guys have a way of teasing girls they are interested in, while others are more open and romantic about their feelings. There a number of tell-tale signs exist that help you know when a boy wants to be more than just a friend to you. Knowing the signs will enable you decide whether you want to be in a relationship with the boy or not. While you should remember the most important thing: See what he does, not what he says.

1. See if the guy goes out of his way to impress you

Any boy that has a crush on you will go to any length to make sure he impresses you. He will try to make you see how brave, cool, wacky or exciting he is. Next time you are with a boy that has a crush on you, you can easily tell if he tries to impress you by saying or doing things to show off.

2. See if he shows signs of jealousy when guys come around you

This is another easy way to know he likes you. The only reason he gets jealous when guys hang around you is because he likes you a lot and feels that his chances might be threatened by the interests of other guys. This jealousy may be exhibited in the form of jesting about the other guys, being rude to them or frowning at them. No guy will admit his jealousy out rightly, but if he is always trying to make your male friends look like losers, it shows he wishes to have you all to himself.

3. See if he is often looking for an excuse to spend time alone with you

If he has a crush on you, he will want to be with you as often as possible. He may try to have you stay back after school, take you to the movies, or attend an event because he knows he will find you there. If you find him asking you what you are up to most often and saying he plans doing the same thing, he has a serious crush on you.

4. See if he likes flirting with you

Telling when a guy is flirting with you may not always be that easy. Most of it is determined by his age-if you guys are still in middle school, he may choose to poke fun at you or tease you. Teasing techniques change with age. But generally, if he finds time to be with you, plays with what you say, wear or do, it shows he is flirting with you.

If he treats you better than every other girl, it shows he likes you a lot. If he ignores other girls to flirt with you, it shows he has a crush on you. If he treats every other girl same way he treats you, he may not have any special thing for you. If he is the shy type, he can ignore you and talk to every other girl.

5. See if he enjoys doing favors for you

One way to show he cares for you deeply is to do favors for you at any given opportunity. If he does things like helping you carry your bag or throw out trash, he really likes you. If he goes out of his way to do for you what he doesn't do for other girls, it shows he cares a lot about you.

6. How often does he text or call you?

This is most applicable with shy guys. If he has a crush on you, he will ask for your phone number. See how often he sends you text or calls you. If he doesn't call often, he may be at a loss of what to say to you. If he doesn't ask for your phone number, you can ask for his and give him a call to let him get yours.

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then he has a crush on you or maybe he wants to be friends.
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Instead of psyching yourself out take him to a place that feels good for you and doesn't distract him. Than ask him something like "Do you want to be friends or more than friends, like dating?"

You can always go back to being just friends if you want.

Note: A distracting place for him can be if you bring a girl friend as support. Talking about feelings, for a guy, is most likely difficult enough with just one girl. Having to girls in the conversation might make him raise his armor and deny and chicken out.
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