How to apply eyeliner

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I’m so jealous of girls who can apply perfect eyeliner because it makes their eyes pop and look so pretty. No one has ever really taught me how to put on makeup, and I feel like I’m terrible at it. I really want that flawless winged look! Someone teach me how to apply eyeliner??

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answered Mar 17, 2019 by Tamela88240 (370 points)
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If you have a problem with smudging your eye liner and making it look messy, you can fix this problem with some concealer. When you put on eyeliner it takes a while for it to set, even with pencil liner sometimes. So to apply eyeliner without it smudging, put a little translucent powder or concealer over it to keep it in place. It will also stop it from sliding when you blink or smearing from the oils on your skin.
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answered Dec 14, 2018 by BrendanSwear (340 points)
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This is my sugs on how to apply eyeliner. The most basic way to apply eyeliner is by starting at the inside corner of your eye and drawing a straight line across to the outside edge. There’s nothing fancy about this but it gets the job done, and this will always be the base to any other more complicated looks. So practice this, and then move on to some more amped up styles! Here’s a video which helps me a lot, it shows you how to create nine different looks with your eyeliner: 


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Choosing your eyeliner style really depends on what you want it to do to your eyes. If you have small eyes or they’re really close set, then apply eyeliner to lengthen the width. Do this by drawing a line from the middle of your top lid to the outer edge without creating a wing, and then do the same on the bottom. Just make sure to connect these lines at a point that meets at the outside corner of your eye. It can create a really sexy angular look.
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Thanks yall on helping me with how to apply eyeliner.
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Getting that perfect straight line can be almost impossible, especially if you have a shaky hand like me. A quick cheat for this is to cut a business card in half and use it as a guideline to apply eyeliner, or you can use some Scotch tape. This can also prevent your line from getting too thick. This is the perfect stencil for those winged looks, and you can improvise with angles to get the cat eye style. If you practice and get this look down and feel like being a little brave, there are more tips for getting a straight line freehanded. There are a lot of videos that can help, like this one: 


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answered May 21, 2019 by Preston0294 (200 points)
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If you tend to have red, puffy, tired eyes then black eye liner is not always your friend. You can apply eyeliner to your lower lids to brighten up your eyes, and the best color to use for this is beige. Start by gently pulling down your lower lid so that you can see the rim, and then carefully line this rim with the beige eyeliner. Just don’t poke yourself in the eye!
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Get use to your hand begin short your face and practice everynight before have go to bed and take your time.People that did art or know how to control their hand in ways help them in life like makeup or liner. If none work for you then just go get one of women's bestfriends {the eyeliner stencil} it will for sure save you! good luck
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