How to avoid pregnancy

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I’m wondering how to avoid pregnancy if a condom breaks during sexual intercourse with my girlfriend, will taking a contraceptive pill prevent her from becoming pregnant?

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Condoms do break once in a while during sex, though not often. If it does, most people will wonder how to avoid pregnancy. In such situations, ECP-emergency contraceptive pills can go a long way to help your girlfriend stay away from pregnancy. Different types of ECPs, often referred to as the morning-after exist. Levonorgestrel with brand names Next Choice and Plan B are one of them. You can get this over-the-counter for people who are up to the age of 15 and above. It is said to be affective for up to 5 days after the sexual encounter.

Ulipristal acetate with brand name Ella is yet another type. It is only available by prescription. It can also work for 5 days after the unprotected sexual encounter, and is believed to be more effective than the levonorgestrel pills.

Call your doctor, nurse, or any health center if you need ECPs. You can also buy levonorgestrel from any pharmacy if your girlfriend is up to 15 and above.

ECPs can be taken within 5 days (120 hours) after the unprotected sexual encounter, but it works better within the first 24 hours. Which means the sooner it is taken, the more chances of preventing the pregnancy. The working mechanism of these ECPs is to delay the ovulation, prevent the fertilization, or prevent the fertilized egg from being implanted. ECPs does not terminate or interrupt a developed pregnancy; it only prevents the occurrence of pregnancy. That means once you are certified pregnant, taking ECPs won't help you get rid of the pregnancy. According to researches, ECPs help reduce the chances of pregnancy by about 89%.

ECPs will not help you prevent pregnancy if they are taken before the sex. It does not prevent pregnancy from future sexual encounters. It is only for emergency situations, especially when regular contraception becomes ineffective. It does not in any way protect you from contacting STDs. It is always good to go for tests and treatments when necessary. There are no known serious side effects, but it can lead to vomiting or nausea for a few days. You can request for anti-nausea drugs from your healthcare provider to combat any symptoms that may develop. Vomiting will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, so always consult your healthcare provider first.

Though most emergency contraceptives cost around $45, but you can get one free or at a reduced rate from health centers and family planning clinics. You can always visit

You can as well use some of brands of the more common birth control pills when ECPs is not readily available.

For more info on brands of emergency contraceptives, visit the following link.

That is how to avoid pregnancy! Good luck and I’m glad you asked. Men should take care of the life of themselves and that of women!

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