How to be a good bartender

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I am starting bartending school next time. I know I am going to love this job because I love going to bars myself. I never intend to get drunk on the job because I actually want to do a good job. Tell me some tips on how to be a good bartender.

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I think you are already on the right path by taking continuing education classes. However, be aware that once you get your license and start working, you tend to get immersed in the work and lose interest in upholding standards. Some of the customers may pressure you to engage in unprofessional behavior. The more you hang around bars, the more trouble you will get into, even if you are an employee there.

So after a year or so, you may want to continue your bartending education. Take online or in-person classes to relearn what you have learned originally. You may learn a few new techniques, such as flipping bottles in the air or doing fancy moves to mix drinks.

If you ever wanted to get a new job somewhere else, make sure you can live up to the ever rising standards set by the younger, fresher competitors. In some bars, they tend to hire young, attractive people. However, with all the new skills you have learned, you shall be confident that you will impress your employer.
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Bartender has the word “tend” in its name, so you should tend to people’s needs.

Of course, a bartender must be good at small talks. But moreover, as a bartender, you must also be a good listener. Indeed, you may like to eavesdrop on other people’s conversation. Because chances are high that you may overhear that some troubling activities are about to go down outside of the bar. As a responsible professional and a caring citizen, it is your duty to report such behavior. If you suspect that a woman is being taken advantage of, that is a possible felony. If a drunk is stumbling out of the bar, take action right away.

Every good bartender cares about the customers more than the booze. He knows when to pour drinks and when to confront unscrupulous individuals.
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Listen to other people. The best bartenders are the ones who act like they are your best buddies. They listen to people’s problems and engage in lively conversations with them. They are usually free, easy to talk to and outgoing. They can deal with all of the noise that comes with bars, too.

If your personality is not like that, and you do not really talk much, you still can be a bartender, but your chance of becoming a good one would be much lower.
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You are right, this is also what I want to say to anyone who asks how to be a good bartender. You should first know whether you are suited to do this job or not.
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