How to be a good boyfriend

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asked Apr 15, 2015 in Relationships by WilliamBoyki (500 points)
I know I am a good person. I open doors for ladies, I show gratitude to my parents and I do all of my chores. When it comes to love, though, I am a bit clueless. I am really not that good at showing my feelings to girls or anything like that. How do you think I can be a good boyfriend?

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answered Apr 23, 2015 by LouisBresnah (400 points)
Being a good boyfriend is not rocket science. If you know you are a good person, and you do good deeds for others, then you do not have much to prove. Your girlfriend will acknowledge you as a good boyfriend from the very beginning. She will know that you are generally good at heart and have positive intentions for her.

But just remember, do not bore her. There is nothing worse than a dull, unimaginative boyfriend, so avoid becoming like that. Some girls think that boyfriends are boring on purpose so they do not have to make much effort. Always try to be exciting whenever you get the chance. Then, she knows that you are trying to make the relationship work.

But being exciting does NOT mean talking too much. When you converse with your girlfriend, avoid going on and on about excruciating details. Do not start blabbering about a topic that you know she does not care about. Strike her with spontaneity some times. Whisk her away to any place that is romantic. Keep her interested in the relationship and she will appreciate you more.
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answered Jun 5, 2015 by DebStowe8037 (330 points)
So you want to know how to be a good boyfriend? Start by treating your girlfriend with respect. Hold the door open for her so it does not slam in her face. Tell her if her shoe is untied so she does not trip and fall. There are tons of other little things you can do to show your regard for her.

For example, remember anniversaries. Some men think that remembering dates is unimportant. They think all they have to do is remember a girl’s birthday and Christmas and that is it. But remembering the dates of important anniversaries, like when you guys first met, or when you first moved in together, (besides showing that you have a good memory) shows that you truly value the relationship. You remember these dates because you remember those precious moments and cherish them forever.

Also, your girlfriend is likely to brag about you to all of her friends. Not many girls say that their men are good at remembering anniversaries.
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