How to be a good teacher?

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asked Jul 6, 2018 in Education by NovellaRamer (270 points)
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I am taking up a career in education and I am curious as to why some teachers excel in this field while others become bored and eventually leave. Is there a secret formula on how to be a good teacher?

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by LorriW999004 (340 points)
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To be a good teacher you must have genuine concern for the welfare of your students. You also have to understand that teaching is more than just delivering endless rounds of lectures and giving the most punishing examinations to your students. What is more important is inspiring them to learn more and work hard to improve themselves.

One of my former professors told us that being a teacher is like being a doctor. But instead of curing illnesses, teachers cure ignorance. His words are like medicines that slowly kill the bacteria inside the diseased body.

The real achievement of a good teacher is seeing his or her students become good men and women and it can only be achieved by showing them how to become one. Of course, a good teacher works hard to improve his craft. It is often necessary to become an expert in the field where he teaches so as to earn the respect of his students and at the same time deliver the best lecture.
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Yes, there is a secret formula that you can use to become a really good teacher. We in the teaching profession call it LOVE.

Love for the students. This is what makes good teacher get up early every morning and cheerfully face the prospect of a whole day of bantering with a roomful of unruly kids just to get them to attend to their lessons.

Love is also what makes a good teacher seek to continuously improve herself through continuing education and seminars. Because she loves them, she wants to be the best at what she does whenever she faces them in class to deliver a lesson. Love is also the reason she spends extra time tutoring students who are slow to grasp the day’s lesson.
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Very well said. As a former teacher myself, I’m almost tempted to say that the love for your students is the only answer to how to be a good teacher.
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answered Dec 28, 2018 by LethaNorth48 (450 points)
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There are lots of things that you can do to become a good teacher but foremost among them is making sure that you master your lesson. Always come to class in the morning well prepared and be ready to assist your students if they find the lesson harder to digest. That way, teaching will not be chore but rather a fun thing to do.
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