How to be a good wife

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asked Jul 7, 2015 in Relationships by EssieZ730012 (270 points)
I just got engaged recently and couldn’t be happier, but I also have a lot of new found anxiety about being a good wife. I want this marriage to be my one and only. Divorce has become so common now though that it seems like marriages just don’t last. I want to make sure that nothing I do becomes a reason for a failed marriage. So how can I be a good wife?

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answered Sep 22, 2015 by VerlaSolis2 (390 points)
I have to say that one of the biggest flaws women have in marriages is expecting everything to be perfect like they imagined in their head. The reality is that your husband, your in-laws, and your house aren’t going to always match the “dream.” You can be a good wife just by embracing reality and accepting that everything won’t always be picture perfect, and that not being perfect doesn’t have to be a bad thing!
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answered Oct 7, 2015 by GlendaDorron (350 points)
As a man, I’ll admit that the way to our heart is through our stomachs. We don’t expect you to be a five star chef, and we really do understand that you work too and have responsibilities. If you want to be a good wife and really impress your husband though, make the effort to cook his favorite meals every now and then. Try practicing with some recipes from a cook book if cooking isn’t your thing. The week days can understandably be busy, so cook some homemade meals on the weekends. Trust me, he’ll notice the effort and appreciate it.
commented Oct 27, 2015 by FawnBunton11 (140 points)
Have no idea that cooking is still an important factor to how to be a good wife??
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answered Sep 12, 2015 by GeorgeRoyste (570 points)
Communication is key in any relationship. Your husband also can’t read your mind. Don’t drop hints and wait for him to catch on. To be a good wife you should address problems when they come up and explain what’s going on or how you’re feeling. Stay positive though and don’t immediately start accusing him. Keeping things positive and diplomatic is equally important as talking in the first place.
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answered Oct 24, 2015 by Renee5713836 (370 points)
You’re going to have fights. You’re going to have big ones and smalls ones, important ones and stupid ones. So how to be a good wife?? Learn how to pick your battles! Everything isn’t worth fighting over, and sometimes you have to learn to just let things lie. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up for yourself, because you always should, but it means that you have to prioritize what it is that you’re fighting about.
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answered Jul 8, 2015 by KassieLamm2 (330 points)
A lot of people worry that the spark and romance will disappear once you get married, and for couples who let it fizzle, this really can be a deal breaker. It doesn’t have to be like this though! You can and SHOULD still go on dates, but don’t leave this all up to him to plan! To be a good wife, you should plan some dates yourself to keep things from going stale. If you have a busy schedule, take a day off that your husband has off so you can spend some quality time together! This doesn’t mean abandon other things important in your life, but showing you put in extra effort can be just as meaningful as the actual time you spend together.
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