How to be positive at work?

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asked Jul 11, 2015 in Career & Work by MaurineGiord (290 points)
It is all too common that I feel bogged down at work: the work is too tedious, the boss is too demanding and the hours are too long. I feel discouraged and bored all of the time and have thought about quitting on more than one occasion. I know that staying positive is important, so what are some ways that I can feel somewhat content while I work?

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answered Aug 12, 2015 by SavannahVanz (370 points)
I would say that you should first stay interested in your work. One way to do this is to continue learning. Learn about the current trends and news stories that are affecting your line of work, whether you are a lawyer or business consultant.

In most industries, workers have access to continuing education courses provided online or in classrooms. If these courses do not exist, there is always the library. Many people are self-learners, so building skills and talents at your own pace is always recommended.
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answered Sep 12, 2015 by EugenioAgnew (370 points)
One method that has worked for me is to introduce bright colors into the room. Bright, light colors are guaranteed to improve your mood. Paint the walls, if possible, or plaster bright-colored decals or posters all over the room. Hang up paintings of flowers, people and landscapes. While you are at it, you might want to include more of these colors in your own wardrobe. Bright clothing tends to appeal more to people and give better feedback than dark clothing.
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Personally, I think this is the best solution to how to be positive at work!
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answered Oct 10, 2015 by CarmeloT8402 (330 points)
Just play some music while at work. Good music has a way of uplifting and inspiring people. It has a direct effect on your mood, making you feel livelier and more upbeat. As a result, work better, concentrate harder and feel more interested in the tasks at hand.

If you work in an office with other people, you are encouraged to use headphones. However, to remain focused on your work and not the music, you want to keep the volume low.
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answered Aug 23, 2015 by WoodrowBilli (300 points)
Bring some play into your workspace. It may seem outlandish, but it is helpful to bring some toys or playthings into the work environment. Take a break from your very serious work and have something to laugh at occasionally. You will feel less stressed out and nervous as you toil away in the office.

In the same vein, you could also try bring some pets to work, if possible. It seems like animals are the last things you want in the office, but the opposite could be true. Having a lively pet around will improve your mood and make you feel more optimistic during the day. As long as your pet does not rummage through your papers, enjoy having this companion around.
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