How to be tumblr famous

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asked Aug 2, 2015 in Computers & Electronics by LorenzoBlair (280 points)
I recently opened a Tumblr account with my friend where we post different pictures on hair, fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. We would appreciate any useful info on how to get several followers and reblogsā€¦ Can you help us with some nice advice?

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answered Oct 19, 2015 by AndraKozlows (360 points)

I have about 6,000 followers on Tumblr, so I wouldn't say I have become quite famous on Tumblr, but below are some tips you can use to help you get more followers.

  1. Edit celebrity blogs. Everyone loves following any celebrity edit blog
  2. Self-promotion on photos. This is not among the best options because quite a number of people find this quite annoying, but it will help you get followers.
  3. Posting your own photos. If you have good quality photos, sourced from your blog, it will make it easy for people to get to your blog and start following you.
  4. Do some promos for any promo/double promos. This is yet another good way your blog can get noticed by people.
  5. Do some promo games yourself, such as The first 15 people to reblog this will be promoted. Use some stuff like promo to tag it to enable people see the posts and start following you. But avoid doing several of this to make sure it doesn't become annoyingly boring.
  6. Rate blogs. Several people will easily follow you to get a blog rating. Again, you don't have to rate several blogs, else it becomes annoyingly boring as well.
  7. Make some themes. Almost all Tumblr famous users like s0pas, z4yner, cap1tol, etc. all make very awesome themes. And several people follow their blogs for this. But if like me, you are still learning how to change font, sorry, you won't be able to make awesome themes.
  8. Follow several people, request the people you follow to visit your own blog. If you deal on similar content, most people you follow will follow your blog.
  9. Join a good site like Tumblrplug (or something like that). In reality, if you wish to work for your followers, this might not be the best way, however, you have a lot to gain.
  10. Save nice photos from sites like weheartit, repost such photos on your blog, and make your blog the source of such photos. Don't fail to state the fact that you are not the original photographer though.
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answered Oct 12, 2015 by Darlene2827 (250 points)

Most people who become Tumblr famous do so by accident. Most of such people are either young people or teens who spend lots of time reposting any stuff they feel people would be interested in.

But if your desire to become Tumblr famous is that strong, and you strongly wish to build a good community on Tumblr, you can start with the following things right away.

1. Make sure your posts are original and image-rich content.

Posting original content implies not reposting what someone else had already published on his/her blog, but creating your own content by yourself. Initially, some bloggers were able to gain Tumblr fame by reblogging other people's content, but this has become quite difficult in the way Tumblr has grown in fame and coverage. Nothing beats being original and creating original stuff.

If you have any skills like photography, graphic designs, Photoshop, etc, make sure you put them into usage to enable your blog to get the size of followership you desire.

2. Make sure you tag all your posts.

Using as many relevant phrases and keywords as possible to tag your posts will enable you get more traffic and followership. People are always searching with these keywords, and it is one easy way to get more traffic.

Taking a look at the Explore page will enable you discover some popular tags you can use. You can use as many tags as possible. Just make sure they are relevant tags. Things like putting a recipe for cake in a fashion tag will make you appear naive and not serious.

3. Keep networking with others and keep promoting your blog.

Most people give up too easily, but keep doing what you have to do until the results improve.

It takes some time before you can become famous on Tumblr. One week will not be enough for you to hit fame, and even a couple of months won't do the magic.

Tell your friends about your new blog, share posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking sites. Don't forget to follow relevant blogs as well. These people may likely follow you as well or even reblog some of your posts. Staying active and interacting with the Tumblr community as often as possible does the trick.

Your hard work on Tumblr will likely pay off if you don't give up. With some luck, you might become one of the most famous bloggers on Tumblr.

4. Make sure you choose the right name and theme.

Like every other piece of design work, you need to make a good first impression. Fortunately, customizing the layout is quite easy. You do not need to be an HTML guru before you can be able to design the functionality of your blog. There are over 200 themes on Tumblr, most of which come with no price tag, but you can go for a paid theme if you are that serious about hitting fame on Tumblr.

First choose a blog name that explains what your blog is about. Using your personal name or web username can make it a bit hard to understand what your blog is all about in an instant. Show a level of commitment by setting up your blog as as against the common to give it a touch of professionalism.

5. Pace yourself.

Adopt a blogging tempo that helps you maintain a very consistent level of high quality content creation.

It is important you publish original content always. First, get a list of everything you would want to cover. You can post several things for a start to get attention. But you need to pace yourself and find a rhythm you can maintain easily.

Make sure you avoid spamming. Posting about 20 images within 1 hour will end up pissing your followers off. That should be reserved for Pinterest and other such platforms.

6. Craft your posts professionally.

One thing that should determine the frequency of your posts is the length of time you spend on each captivating and informative post. Spend some time picking up interesting images-Tumblr audience is visually-driven, so your pictures must look appealing, which requires some photo editing skills.

Use a few words to let your audience understand the context of your post. This shouldn't take more than a few lines, but make sure the few lines provide the needed info. Give credit to the original owner of images you use.

7. Go personal.

Give your posts a personal flair. What's is your opinion about the context you are writing on, and what feelings does it give you? Why do you consider this topic important, and why do you think you should post it? Always give your opinion, no matter what you are writing on. This is the only way to help your readers understand where you are coming from.

You can also find inspirations on how to become tumblr famous from this video:

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