How to become a judge?

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I am currently doing a research on careers and one of the topics that I encountered is being a judge. Does anyone know the educational and other requirements for the position?

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answered Oct 22, 2018 by ILTRebekah4 (390 points)
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I am not a judge and not even a lawyer, but I think I can help you out in your problem. I listed below the steps on how you can become a judge so you’ll have a reference in your study.

Become a lawyer – this means going to law school and passing the bar exam. A course in law is normally composed of an undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctor (J. D.) which you can secure after years of toiling in a refutable law school.

Pass the Bar exam – which is necessary to become a licensed lawyer. This requires you to take, and pass, to gain admission to the bar. You cannot practice law if you are not admitted to the bar first.

Work as a lawyer – to get the necessary experience and understanding of the law profession. This is very important because judges are required to pass judgment on complicated legal issues, act as referee among litigants, and oversee the management of his courtroom. Practicing law gives an aspiring judge firsthand experience on how courtrooms operate and how justice is administered.

Apply for the position – which maybe through an election or by submitting your application to a judicial nominating commission. It is also helpful if you know a lot of powerful politicians.
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Thanks! This is a very complete answer to how to become a judge.
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To become a judge one has to study and work hard for a long time. This position is normally reserved for lawyers who have long experience practicing their profession. Aside from that, an applicant for judgeship must have an exemplary record in being a lawyer to be considered for the position. In places where judges are elected instead of appointed, it is also necessary to have political clout and mass appeal to win against other candidates.
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Only members of the bar (the circle of licensed lawyers) can apply to become a judge so that means finishing law school and passing the bar examination first. Not only that, since judges are asked to decide about complicated legal cases, they must also have a strong practical and theoretical grasp of the law of the land. All in all, it takes very long to become a judge if we consider the time spent in studying and practicing law.
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