How to become an architect

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To become an architect, it is pretty obvious that I have to finish school and obtain a degree. What is the whole process of getting a degree in architecture and securing a job after I graduate though?

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To become an architect, enroll in a university that offers an accredited program in architecture. An accredited program is accepted as valid by the employers you plan to work for later. At the minimum, earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in architecture or some related field. To increase your job opportunities, pursue a master’s degree that allows you to focus on specialty skills within the field.

To work officially in the industry of architecture, obtain a license issued by the state. The requirements for this license vary in each state and region. Before you get your license, you have to complete many hours of training. The Intern Development Program (IDP) provides the amount of training required to become licensed.
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Become an architect by starting out big in high school. First, consider talking to a career counselor to know for sure that you want this career. Some schools have evaluation tests that allow students to evaluate their interests and pinpoint the ideal career.

High school students must know the precise duties and responsibilities that come with a specific career. To become an architect, you should know exactly what these professionals do for a living. These people design buildings according to industry standards. They follow important building safety codes and take aesthetics into mind. From start to end, they conceive design ideas for the building and then make the finishing touches on the construction.

Know the types of skills needed to fulfill the duties of this career. You must be able to communicate with different people from construction workers to other architects. You have to analyze complex situations, solve problems and read blueprints. Also, this profession will have you using design tools, such as protractors and software.

It is best to start your career as early as possible. In secondary school, take as many courses related to architecture as you can find, including math and science. Start by loading up on art classes that help you draw and show your creative side. Creativity is a major part of creating unique designs for buildings. During this time, take college-level courses that count as early credit.
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