How to breathe better

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asked May 10, 2015 in Health & Wellness by EricDodery17 (250 points)
I have asthma, so simple tasks make it hard to breathe normally. If an emergency happens, and I have to walk or run a long distance, I want to be able to catch up with everyone else. In case I have another episode and cannot catch my breath, tell me how to breathe better.

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answered Jun 4, 2015 by MaybelleAffl (390 points)
Engage in activities that place a heavy emphasis on breathing. Yoga and meditation are two popular activities that make it easy to breathe effectively.

Yoga is a physically strenuous practice that is similar to gymnastics. Everyone knows that gymnasts need to breathe as they do those fancy moves. When you practice yoga, you move your arms and legs in ways that stimulate blood flow. At the same time, you expend energy and burn calories. You need to allow more oxygen into the body so that it circulates through the bloodstream.

Meditation is a spiritual practice that involves training the mind to feel calm and at peace. A major skill to meditate is to know how to breathe properly. To achieve this state of mental and spiritual wellbeing, you have to achieve physical wellbeing, and this starts with breathing. So if you train meditation, you will definitely improve your breathing pattern.
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answered Jul 17, 2015 by ElbertElling (340 points)
To learn how to breathe better, you have to practice breathing. Take some time out of your busy schedule to practice the art of inhaling and exhaling.

Focus on deep breathing. In other words, use more of your body, such as your lungs, chest, diaphragm and shoulders. You should try to contract the diaphragm muscle located between the chest and stomach. Pull in the chest as you inhale and then expand the stomach when you exhale.

You will find that practice makes perfect. If you practice these exercises enough times, you will perfect breathing skills.
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answered Sep 24, 2015 by FloraLamilam (390 points)
To many of those who want to know how to breathe better, I always ask them “Have you ever considered playing sports?” Athletes are always running around and working out at the gym. When they are doing all of those amazing feats, they are breathing heavily. How do they avoid having heart attacks then? Their bodies are very fit and healthy, so they are able to control their heavy breathing easily.

Some people say that if you have asthma, you should never jump into sports. But actually, if you progress slowly and build yourself from the bottom up, playing sports is the best way to improve breathing. Getting good at a sport is a goal that takes time. But over time, your body will adapt to a higher level of breathing.
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