How to change mobile number in Gmail

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This question may sound a little bit stupid though, but I really need to know how to change mobile number in Gmail account since I no longer make use of that number. Using new technologies can pose some great challenges to me, even commonly used apps such as Google give me tough time.

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It is quite simple! I have screenshot my account and you can do it step by step. This is how to change mobile number in Gmail.

Step 1: When you open Gmail, scroll to settings at the interface upper right.

Step 2: Then choose Accounts and Import or you scroll all the way down to the Accounts and Import icon.

Step 3: Scroll to the password change and recovery option section.

Step 4: Scroll to the edit icon and click on it next to the icon for mobile phone number. Simply change the number.

Step5: Scroll down and click on the Save button to activate your changes. 

Alternatively, simply follow the link below:, once you sign in, proceed to account recovery options, and repeat step four above.

Sometimes, you may be required to verify the new phones number. Just input the code sent to your mobile number in the space provided and all will be set.


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The link is absolutely brilliant! It is much easier for me. I found technology piss me off when I spend loads of time searching for those small buttons… Sometimes it can be frustrating that you don’t have a right way to do things that you waste your whole morning staring at the screen… urgh! Haha, anyway, I appreciate all the screenshot you put on here! Thanks!
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The method on how to change mobile number in Gmail below is culled from the Google accounts help section.

  1. Use this link and access my account
  2. Locate the personal data and privacy section, and click on your personal info.
  3. Click on phone.
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

You can equally make changes in the other account info, such as your email, phone number, home address, birthday, username, time zone, and a whole lot of other personal info. Follow this link:

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