How to charge phone faster?

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asked Jul 26, 2015 in Computers & Electronics by BradlyOdk388 (550 points)
As a working mom, I often find myself in a rush in the morning only to find out later that I forgot to charge my phone. Is there a way to charge my phone faster so I will have a full battery to last the day?

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answered Aug 23, 2015 by LillySimson9 (370 points)
To charge your phone faster, you must make sure that you are using a fast charger and that your phone supports fast charging. The difference between regular charging and fast charging is the amount of energy supplied by the charger.

For example, a regular charger delivers from 2 to 6 watts to your phone battery. Wanna get your phone fully charged in less than half the time? Get a fast-charger that can deliver as high as 15 watts. But that’s for charger alone. In order for that to work, your phone must also be able to draw that much power. Fortunately, most modern smart phones today support fast charging so if you bought your phone in the last few months, chances are high that you can charge it in 15 minutes or less given the right charger.

One thing to avoid when you only have a few minutes to charge your phone is using your laptop to charge your phone. Plugging your cell phone into the USB port only gives it from 2.5 to 4.5 watts of power. Find a proper charger if you don’t have a fast-charger with you, at least it is better than the USB port.
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answered Aug 4, 2015 by SadyeVanOtte (340 points)
Many people ask how to charge phone faster these days. I would say there are not really any tricks that would work like magic. Still, some tips might prove to be quite useful. For example, you can turn off your phone when charging it so that it won’t consume power. You risk missing a call by turning it off, but the trade off is that your phone will have power the whole day. I assume that you only have a few minutes to charge your phone, so you won’t be missing a lot of calls. And if ever that you do, I’m sure that they will call you back.

It will also be helpful if you will turn off unnecessary apps after you are done charging. Some users find setting their profile to battery saving or airplane mode to prolong their charge. If you can’t do that because you are afraid to miss an important call, at least dim your phone’s screen. It is also wise to resist the urge to check your phone every minute for messages. Remember, your phone’s screen draws the most power from your battery.
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