How to cheer someone up

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My sister seems to be rather frustrated recently. Her parents really dislike her boyfriend… How can I do something to cheer her up?

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To me, some of the simple solution to cheer someone up is through hugs, love, and sharing. Most times when I share my sad feelings with some friends, their hugs often act as soothing balms to calm my frayed nerves. These friends often make me understand that they are with me in whatever I might be passing through and reassure me that the situation is not as hopeless as I think. They make me see their readiness to lend their supports to me whenever I encounter a situation I can't go through alone. So, give your friends some friendly hugs whenever you see them unhappy, spend some quality time with them to know what exactly is eating them up. Reassure them of your unflinching support during their ordeals. Encourage them to look at the bright side of life and hope for the best.

While you are with them, buy them some nice gifts, especially those things they have always wished to have. You can also prepare them their favorite meals. I often forget most of my hard feelings after I have had a good meal. At such times, some humor can go a long way to heal broken hearts. Laughter is always a good remedy for sad situations, so do whatever you can to make a friend giggle and forget his sorrows.

Ask some open-ended questions and engage in some kind of brainstorming to enable your grieving friend have a better view of their difficulties and the best solutions for them. Don't forget to encourage them to remain positive and hope for the best. You can be creative and set some goals to foster a feeling of hope and optimism.

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I found a video that helped me get over a major sad event. Check it out below:

We are who we are today due to what we do daily. Whenever I see him, I do not think about power, the societal standards, all that comes to my mind at such times is if the issue is worth the headache. Must I be this sad? Or is there something I can do to dismantle the gridlock?

He is equally a funny dude! I never did see any genius like him. He is, in my opinion, the best prankster of all times. Watch the video below! You will find the right answer to how to cheer someone up here!

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Nice advice above! I would love to add some points if the person are going through some major sad events in their life.

Sometimes let them cry: There is nothing wrong with shedding tears when one is hurt and needs to let emotions out. Studies have shown that giving in to the urge to wail acts as a very effective stress reliever. Crying when one is distraught is a good way of opening the door for negative emotions to find their way out and create a healthy atmosphere for a more positive outlook. Apart from releasing bottled up negative emotions, crying has been found to remove a lot of harmful toxins from the body.

Don't let them dwell on the released emotions: Once they are done crying it out, find a way to get their minds occupied with exciting things. You can create a game and play with your grieving friends. Other fun activities you can suggest include sharing a walk, going to the massage parlor, going out for a movie, going shopping, rearranging the house, caring for the plants, etc. Anything you can think of to remove their minds from their anguish will be a welcome development. This will often give them a new sense of calm and hope.

So that’s my complementary advice on how to cheer someone up.

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