How to cheer up your boyfriend?

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asked Mar 12 in Relationships by Hazel (570 points)
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Because of some problems with his studies my boyfriend has been feeling down for a few days now. Do you know of some simple ways to cheer him up?

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answered May 27 by DZPOdette337 (420 points)
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Distract him. Believe me this is really effective and I am saying this based on my own experience. My boyfriend once suffered from the loss of his father and he had to go through several weeks of feeling down. And then I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and help bring him out of his funk.

I took him to movies even when he’d rather insist on staying home. To make it easier, I always pick the movies that I know will be his type. I also took him to nights out with friends, just about anything to distract him from thinking about the things that make him feel bad. I’m sure your boyfriend is just having a bad day so try to do some simple things for him that you know he will love.
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answered May 10 by AaronMoser3 (450 points)
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Have you heard about the saying that “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Well, don’t just believe it, practice it. Whenever my boyfriend is feeling down I immediately get down to the kitchen and bake him some goodies. If I am lucky, he will linger around and help me prepare the ingredients and that helps him forget whatever it is that is bothering him. If you are not into cooking and baking, then just try buying his favorite foods and surprise him.
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I can agree on that. This is really a good solution to how to cheer up your boyfriend.
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answered Aug 10 by Rosalind7058 (340 points)
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Think of the things that your boyfriend loves to do and just do it. I once accompanied my boyfriend to a nearby race track to watch huge cars smash each other after his failed interview for a job. I hate the noise and the smoke but the two hours we spent there is more than enough bargain for the happy smile that he had all day.
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answered Mar 12 by DarrinRentou (280 points)
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Just make him laugh, that’s all. You don’t need to hire a clown to do that (but now that I mentioned it, why not?). There are a lot of ways to make your boyfriend crack a smile – sending ridiculous pics that you found online, sharing jokes with corny punch lines, painting your face, just about anything that won’t get you killed. Even if your jokes fail, he will still appreciate the fact that you are trying to make him feel better instead of say shopping with your friends.
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