How to confront someone

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asked Dec 15, 2018 in Culture & Society by estrella (930 points)
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I can never do it, confronting a person. Just the thought of it makes me nervous and afraid. You know that relationship with a friend, but you aren’t happy with some of the thing he does? But you just let him do it because you don’t want to damage what we already have? I just tolerate it all the while. It feels like I am being the better person, but it can’t continue this way, but how to confront someone, anyone?

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answered Jul 12, 2019 by VRWAbby51560 (710 points)
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Before you choose to confront the person, ponder for a while. Do you honestly think you are being treated unfairly or badly? If you are worried then, let’s put it this way, is it worth fighting over? Will there be a negative effect to you or him if it continues? If so, then we shall confront him.

To start with, there is no need to think that “fighting” is part of the package of confronting someone, that is what stopping you. You can just have a friendly and civil discussion about it. Maybe the next time the issue arises then you just speak your hearts about your disagreement to them. Fight that mental block. Make sure that whatever you are spouting are facts. Then let him have the chance to defend his behaviour. Stop talking and just listen. State that whatever they are doing is against your beliefs. Don’t drag others into this mind you, it is your own confrontation, what you don’t like seeing more of from him in the future. Then open up to a resolution for the situation, the relationship is about compromises anyway.
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answered May 27, 2019 by Heeminia (490 points)
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How to confront someone… The answer is ultimately really simple, just be honest to the person. Then again, that is the hardest part of it. Next time he does something you don’t agree with, immediately tell him so. No sugar coating, just be pretty blunt about it. The thing is, most people expect that the person will get angry if you confront him that way since you have been tolerating it all this time so he thinks it is your own fault. People think it will actually damage the relationship, but most likely you will receive an apology or they might just disagree with you and state their reason for it, unless they react the way you initially expected, then probably it isn’t a friendship worth keeping. It’s about you opening up to them, take it as the next stage of your friendship. It might improve the relationship than damage them.
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