How to cut glass bottles?

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I have been wondering how some craftsmen manage to cut glass bottles into two equal halves with cracking, shattering or breaking them. I can't seem to find a way to cut my glass bottles without breaking them. Please can anyone help me understand the best technique to use to achieve this? I would appreciate your help immensely, thanks.

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This is a little complex, you'd better watch a video:

Well, you can also do it well with my textual guidance!

First Step:

Pour warm water into a big pot. You will use this as a hot bath for your bottles. Boil the water, and then bring it down the heat, It is advisable to start the boiling process before you start cutting your bottles in order to get it ready before you score the bottles.

Second Step:

Get some cold water filled in a second big pot and use ice to cover the entire water surface. This will serve as the cold bath for your bottle. Keeping these bottles close to each other will make transfers easier.

Third Step:

Make a tiny score line of the bottle using a bottle without any labels. The bottles from some past events will be very useful for this project. Use a razor blade to get rid of any labels you find on any of the bottles. You can make use of your cook top blade.

Place your G2 cutter top into the bottle's mouth to keep it stable, and make sure the arms of your G2 cutter is adjusted to make the blade hit the very spot you would prefer to make the cut. Make sure all bolts are tightened to stabilize the arms and keep them in place.

Fourth Step:

Grip the steadying arm with your right arm as well as the cutter on left hand side of the bottle, use a very light pressure to handle the cutter and press it on top the bottle.

Rotate the bottle slowly using the left hand, and make sure you create a very continuous motion. One very tiny score stripe will show off the bottle-it is very visible and audible.

The moment you finish rounding the bottle, don't keep going over the score line. Thinner lines make better cuts. Once you miss a spot, do not go over the entire line, and just go across that very spot you missed.

Fifth Step:

Place the wine bottle in your warm bath once your score stripe is in place.

Submerge the bottle into your warm bath, with the score stripe thoroughly submerged. Ensure you submerge the score stripe completely, and allow it to stand for 5-8 seconds.

You can then transfer the bottle to your cold bath for about 5 to 8 seconds. This is important for how to cut glass bottles.

Repeat this process severally until the bottle breaks. It will split down the score stripe with a visible and audible sound. Make sure you do not hit the bottle at the bottom part of any of the two pots during transfers. If the bottle hits the bottom of one of the two baths, the bottle will completely shatter so ensure you keep your tongs handy.

Sixth Step:

The moment the bottle breaks, use the provided spanner to get the edges cleaned up.

Use the sandpaper that came with your G2 wine bottle Cutter pack, and go round the bottle edges, inside and outside using the sandpaper. Smoothen out all burs left during the cutting process. This will get the edges smoothened out giving the final product a more complete appearance. Always carry out this project in a very easily-cleanable environment, like your sink top, to avoid having several pieces of glasses all over your floor.

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Can you add pictures for this? I still don't know how to cut glass bottles
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You can watch the video in the beginning ~
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