How to cut your own hair men

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asked May 1, 2015 in Home & Garden by GlennWillett (240 points)
I don’t like cutting my hair in Australia. It’s really expensive! 30 bucks just to trim my hair! I can’t afford that! If I went it somewhere cheaper, it’s still 10 bucks and cost me an hour to get there. Back in my home country, I could get mine done for less than 5. As an international student, I need to spend really thrifty. So anyone have the idea of how to cut your own hair men? It should be easier for a man.

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answered Jul 10, 2015 by NellieBustar (410 points)
For years I have been cutting my own hair and surprisingly, it’s not really that hard to do! Then again, the only tools I will be using is clippers for buzzcut, which doesn't just include a skin head version, but pretty much all the styles that can be done with just the clippers. It can feel awkward to do at first, but bear with me. It always starts with the right tool for the job. Sticking to hair clipper is much easier than using scissors. So get the hair clipper, a comb, scissors for touch up, hair thinning ones too although it is optional, hair trimmers and razor blades which is also optional, 2 mirrors (hold one in your hang, the other in front) and finally, something to cover yourself from all the hair, or just be a man and go topless. Trim yours at an enclosed room with a vacuum cleaner nearby, so you can immediately clean it without making too much mess. Now just stand up, follow a picture of a buzzcut of your choice and start shredding!
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answered Aug 3, 2015 by RosarioTyner (380 points)
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Well, how to cut your own hair… Assuming you have all the tools to cut hair, with hair clippers, trimmers and mirrors being the most important, then let’s start cutting. First of all, check where your hair is growing from. Always cut in the direction opposite to where your hair grows. Everyone is different, as a general rule, run your fingers through your hair and find the direction which you feel the counterforce the most. Make a diagram of your head with arrows show directions, or just don’t forget about it. Start your clipper with longest hair length setting and shave the hair off, change the clippers to shorter ones at the part where it should be shorter. Remember to damp your hair to make it stick together and so become easier to cut. Once you have cut the overall design of your whole hair, then it’s time to put in the details. Trust me, it’s so much easier to balance the sides once you get the general look of your design.
commented Oct 10, 2015 by LottieNunan1 (360 points)
thanks for the answer to how to cut your own hair men. Gonna try it this weekend.
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