How to deal with allergies

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asked Aug 2, 2015 in Health & Wellness by Joan (800 points)
When other people are looking forward to spring, I am not. Pollen and all kinds of other things could potentially ruin my day. I cannot live the rest of my life indoors, so how do I deal with my allergies?

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answered Oct 3, 2015 by LesleySaylor (400 points)
I could suggest you treat allergies like you treat fear – face them head on. But that is probably not good advice since people tend to have serious allergic reactions. The best tip is to avoid getting allergies in the first place. Avoid running into the elements that are causing your allergies.

For pollen, cut the plants if they are too close to the windows. During the day, make sure the wind is not blowing in too many foreign particles through the windows. If you have a flower garden, keep it a safe distance from the house.

If the problem lies in your pet, who keeps bringing in dirt and debris from the outdoors, leave the pet outside. You cannot tell an animal to be sensitive to your allergies, but you can apply discipline.

Dust is another allergy-causing element that collects in the house and seems to disappear from sight. Dust the areas that are collecting too much of it. All you need are gloves, a surgical mask and a duster. Afterwards, keep the window open to let the dust out.

Overall, find all possible sources of your allergen and remove them. No matter how bad your allergies are, you can prevent these problems from happening.
commented Oct 11, 2015 by GladisByrum (270 points)
“Find all possible sources of your allergen and remove them”. Exactly! You are singing my song. This is definitely the best solution to how to deal with allergies.
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answered Sep 10, 2015 by RochelleSinc (360 points)
Yeah, it’s really unfortunate that at a time when the plants and flowers spring up after a harsh winter, allergy sufferers are not able to enjoy this renewed beauty. They worry about how bad their throats will swell up or how much their eyes will water.

To avoid sparking up these allergies, keep spring out with nature where it belongs. If you open the windows, have a net in place to prevent debris from coming into the room.

You can enjoy sitting on the patio within the protection of a large net. Even if the experience feels a bit strange and caged in, you should enjoy the sounds and sights of the outdoors. If you plan to move around the yard a lot, consider wearing a mask or scarf wrapped around the face. A mask works as a net that lets in the air and keeps out the bad elements that provoke allergies.
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