How to deal with rude people?

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asked Apr 6, 2015 in Relationships by Hamish19N155 (280 points)
I go into plenty of restaurants with friends and deal with rude waiters. They get impatient over little things and barely say a few words to me. I also have to deal with rude teachers, rude drivers on the road, rude parents and rude everyone else. I am sick of it. How do I deal with all of these rude people?

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answered Sep 27, 2015 by ReneOxh71651 (370 points)
The most important thing: know when to walk away.

Often times, the best solution is just to turn away and remove yourself from the situation. Why should you have to put up with their rudeness any longer? It is not like the person is God or anything. If the rude person is your teacher, transfer to another class. If the rude person is someone you meet on the street, run away in the other direction. If the rude person is your parent, like your mother yelling at you because you did not clean your room, walk away for a while and come back after she has cooled off. Life is too short to deal with rude people, so think about that.

If walking away is not possible, consider another option, but avoidance is usually the best one. The biggest man in a fight is the one who knows when to stop it.
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answered Apr 10, 2015 by VUVRoseanna (290 points)
I would say you’d be better off if you directly confront them rather than walk away. Granted, one of the scariest things is to confront people who have done you wrong. You may damage relationships and even provoke violence. But if that option is absolutely necessary, you have no choice.

Think of all the ways you can confront rude people without resorting to violence. Also, think of ways that are not harebrained or immature. If someone cuts you off for a parking space, pouring paint down the person’s gas tank is not mature or wise. Unless the person puts your life in danger, ignore the incident completely. However, if an abusive teacher intentionally gives you a bad grade for a report you did perfectly well, decide how you want to confront this person.

We have all dealt with rude people, but resorting to violence is never a good answer. You will simply waste your time and energy on someone who is not worth it. Make a plan on how to confront someone you disagree with. Make a list of statements you could say to the person and the possible responses you could get back. That way, you are prepared for any situation that gets out of hand.
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This is very interesting stuff, really helpful to those who want to know how to deal with rude people.
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