How to decline a job offer

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asked Aug 26, 2015 in Career & Work by Alison (390 points)
I receive a few job offers from companies where I applied. Obviously, I have to decline all of them except one. I want to know how to do it without ruining future job opportunities.

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answered Oct 6, 2015 by VerenaDelgad (400 points)
You are lucky to have that problem. While it is easy just walk away and leave the offer hanging, it is still better to inform the recruiter that you are accepting a position in another company. It is better to do it in person than over the phone. Never ever decline an offer through text.

Even if you are absolutely sure that you will not be working for the company in the future, it is a good practice to leave the best impression when declining a job offer. Show appreciation for their interest in making you a part of the company. Also thank the recruiter for their time and effort. Never say anything negative about the company, no matter how true it is, when declining the offer. You just don’t know what the future holds, so don’t burn bridges this early.
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answered Oct 16, 2015 by Ross (1,800 points)
Be honest, humble, and polite when declining a job offer. Do not boast about better offers from other companies. If your goal is to negotiate for a better offer, do so in a straight-forward manner without threatening to turn down their offer if they don’t meet your terms.

Politely inform the recruiter of your decision. Give your reason for not accepting their offer if requested. Always be honest. Express your willingness to be a part of the company in the future if the situation is right. Most companies will like that and will even offer to keep in touch with you.
commented Oct 23, 2015 by ReecePropst (140 points)
Thanks. This is a very practical answer to how to decline a job offer.
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answered Sep 9, 2015 by ETMRoxanne92 (330 points)
You should inform the recruiter promptly of your decision. That way they can offer the position to another applicant immediately. The recruiter will appreciate you for not wasting their time and resources. But do it in a professional manner. Just because you don’t plan to work for them does not mean that you cannot build goodwill with the company. They have chosen to offer you a job because they see something positive in you. It will be better for your future if you keep it that way. You are not required to give them an explanation, but be gracious enough to give one if they ask for it. The recruiter can learn from that and be more effective in the future.
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