How to draw a football

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Hey, anyone can tell me how to draw a football? We are going to hold a mini football match in our school, we want to make some cute decoration! Thanks!

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To get a good drawing of soccer ball/football, the main goal should be to ensure it is flat and not round. The real soccer ball neither looks flat nor round. So how to draw a football?

Below are some of the simplest steps you can take to make a good football drawing.

image From the pictures above, from the left-hand side to the right-hand side:

1. Draw a regular pentagon first.

2. Draw some lines away from everyone of the pentagon corners.

3. Add different groups of three lines to make 5 hexagonal sides that surround the pentagon.

Above from right to left

4. Add some more groups of three lines to form 5 more external pentagons. These are distorted pentagons that curve away. This will give you a total of six pentagons, which accounts for half of all the pentagons found in the entire ball. You can't see any more pentagons than these, so no need to draw more of them.

5. Add some curved lines or preferably, a group of three lines to create the final distorted hexagons located at the external edges of the football. This will complete the front side of the ball as can be seen in the diagram above.

6. Finally, you have to get the pentagon shaded to make it appear more like a ball. Don't fear to draw the lines with quick strokes the important thing is to do it with confidence. The football will appear real this way.

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Considering the possibility that you are asking about American football, here is how to draw a football.


First, you have to draw something that looks like an eye or almond.


The next step will be to draw two horizontal lines at both ends of the football. These are the painted white lines you find on every football. The next step will be to draw a diagonal line straight down the middle of the football. And move on to the very last drawing step.


Now, draw laces to connect the diagonal lines you drew on the last step. Once you clean of the mess, you are done with your drawing.


Take a look at it, you have created a very beautiful football that is ready for coloring and the football pitch.

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