How to fill out an envelope

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I srisly don’t know how to fill out an envelope… Can I write it with pen? This question makes me feel a bit stupid, but I grew up using electronic mail devices and calling apps for all communications. If I'm to send the mail to an organization, what am I expected to write?


Name of organization

Address of organization

City, State, Country, Zip Code?

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Don’t worry, my new generation son has the same problem. I thought at least the school would teach you how to fill out an envelope, but it turns out that they didn’t. There is nothing wrong with writing it with a pen. Below is a minute video that can teach you how to fill an envelope correctly.

But if you want something to read, the following can be of help.

The letter will get to where it is intended. Make sure you add these three items:

  • Address: Here, you will write down the full name and address of the recipient.

Write the following on separate lines:

  1. Full name of recipient
  2. Street address of the company
  3. City, state, zip code and country

Additional tip: When writing the recipient's state, make use of postal abbreviations. All postal abbreviations should be in capital letters, without any punctuations like periods. For instance, North Carolina's postal address is NC. Use the following link to look up abbreviations:

  • Return address: This area will contain the sender's information. Write on separate lines at the upper left corner of the envelope:

  1. Sender's full name
  2. Sender's street address
  3. Sender's city, state, zip code, and country
  • Stamp: Place a postage stamp on the upper right corner of the envelope. This will pay for the letter delivery. There are different stamps for different destinations.

The sequence and content outlined above about how to fill out an envelope can also be used when writing to a company. However, it is always advisable to write the name of the recipient/department rather than just putting the company name on the envelope.

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