How to fix salty food

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As a sloppy cook, I always have the unpleasant experience with a snack or meal that is too salty. I don’t want to throw it every time it turns out to be a bit too salty. What are a few easy tips to get rid of excessive salt on food?

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answered Nov 5, 2018 by BrigitteGibn (380 points)
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Rinse the foods. Simply put, take out the food that has too much salt on it, one morsel at a time, and run it under water. To preserve the original flavor, make sure the rinse is very gentle. If you use too much water, the food becomes soggy and less flavorful. This step may not be the best one because it takes time to rinse salt out of food; however, your efforts are usually worth it in the end.
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Add more food to a too-salty plate or bowl. For a very salty dish of spaghetti, add an extra helping of spaghetti to dilute the taste. Even if you do not have that much of an appetite, you can save the food for later. When you add more food, you avoid having to scrap out the salt particles manually. This step applies to a dish of spaghetti or rice or a bowl of nuts. Save the precious delicacies you have made for guests. No guest wants to taste too much salt in any dish, whether it is an appetizer or dinner.
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You may be one of those people who over-season food as you cook. You want to under-season your food all throughout the cooking session. Avoid adding the seasonings until right before the food is done. That is because you want to enact some self-control over yourself. When the time is right, add your seasonings in one small amount at a time. Another tip is to measure the amount with a small teaspoon.

Too many people are too lenient with those little shake bottles that hold salts and spices. Avoid dumping in the ingredients – pour the amount into your palm and sprinkle the seasonings into the food.

In the end, find that the natural flavor of the food is better than the excessive salt and seasonings. You will save money on seasonings and avoid becoming overly dependent on these optional ingredients. Besides, salt should be used in moderation because too much is not healthy.
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Thank you so much! I've been wondering how to fix salty food for a while, and you saved my day!
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