How to get into college

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There is this college that I am really aiming to go for. I’m currently not confident that I will ever get chosen to enroll in it. How to get into college anyway? How should I increase my chances to get into the college of my choice? Good academic grades?

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The obvious one is to get the best grades possible all throughout your four high school years. Grades are important since it’s the only thing that can show how good you are not just as a student but as a person. It’s mainly indicative, so you can be decorated with outside experiences that might differentiate you from the rest, something like being active volunteers. Then again, when you look at two students, who will you pick first, the one with straight As, or the one with none? So yes academic grades are important.
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yeah, like I said grades are important when it comes to how to get into college, especially a good one.
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Pick up all the challenging courses or to your best ability. Acing challenging courses like Advance Placement and Internation Baccalaureate puts you ahead of everyone else when it comes the time for your admissions. Then practice and make sure to score all your SAT and ACT. Be familiar with it, you need to master them well, discipline yourself to study and take prep courses if needed. There are a lot of free online ACT and SAT materials that you should take advantage of. Take both of them  if you must, most colleges accept either test anyway. So you can show the test that you did better in to boost your chances. You are allowed to reset for the test if you aren’t satisfied with your result too. There is also AP test that is required by the more competitive colleges. Some even demand only the ones that scored 5 points.
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When it comes to how to get into college, it is not enough that you have the best scores. You should also focus on developing your college essays. These are your very own testimonials that describe you in writing. Are you an exciting, passionate individual? Pretend you are writing a resume for a job. What do you think the employer wants to see so they want to employ you? If you think you don’t have enough to write, then probably you should be doing more stuff. Be involved in your school and community activity. Employers look at your extracurricular activities more than grades these days (you are getting employed to be a student, so in this case your grade still matters), not only does this gives you an opportunity  to learn new experiences, this activity also makes you stand out of the crowd.

Still unsure if you had enough? Consult your teacher or counselor, maybe they will even get you a recommendation. Essentially, it’s all about starting early to pile up that experiences and credits that you will later apply for college and life. There will also be on-campus interviews for top colleges. Learn to dress professionally and articulate your thoughts. There is a lot to learn, but it is manageable. Good luck!
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