How to get into Harvard Law School

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I have always dreamt becoming a lawyer, protecting the innocent and just doing the right thing for the people. I am aiming for the top law school of the country so I could get the best education and experience on becoming the best lawyer. So to be more specific, how to get into Harvard Law School? Do they have special requests like really good SATs scores and recommendation from my school?

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Getting into top schools is all about being an attractive applicant. There is no such thing as the perfect applicant, top law schools would look into the right applicants. Of course, since you are entering with no prior experience, the only thing you can rely on is most likely your grades. The three components that they will look at: amazing GPA and LSAT scores and, memorable and meaningful essay. You might take part in many volunteering activities which will give you an edge in your testimonials if you don’t have leadership experience in co-collicular activities.

The admissions essay is one of the most important sections that should be the main showcase of not only your writing skill, but also why you are the sparkling candidate they are looking for. Focus on the lessons and anecdotes that you’ve learned. If your GPA is borderline, you better have the argumentative skill that will convince them of your passion and willingness to learn. Good luck in your entry.
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Well, how to get into Harvard Law… Applying for a law school is often a lengthy process with lots of preparation to be done beforehand, at least two years prior on average. While most law schools have their own requirements for applications and deadlines, visit their website to know their system well.

In general you will need to: prepare for LSAT which serves to be your main entry to law school, research the law schools in detail, make a LSAC account and register for LSAT, once you finish the test, have the official transcript sent to your LSAC, along with academic scores (high GPA is the easiest way to make you more attractive as an applicant) and any other letter of recommendations. Then schedule and prepare for the personal interviews. Then make an essay that stands you out and you are ready to go! You might get rejected on the first try, but many people do too, keep trying or go for other options.
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