How to get over your first love

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Do you ever truly get over them? Like do you ever try to find out if they are married? Ever wish that you never met them in the first place? How to get over your first love?

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I know it does take time for you to get over it totally. However, I have concrete suggestions for how to get over your first love TODAY. By saying that I mean to not overthink of him/her and live a peaceful life.

First of all, understand that this is not the end of your dating and future relationship. You will find love again. Have your friends and families know of your true feelings. They will help you get over the first love, they understand the struggle. But they do find the new one true love in their lifetime, eventually.

Prepare to endure the oncoming pain and feeling of loneliness. Time will heal your pain. Don’t succumb to that weakness. Whatever you do, do not hook up with your ex. You are not helping yourself. Know that it’s alright to cry. It helps to release all the pent up emotions. Just let it out, it will make you feel better. Have a nice conversation with a friend afterwards to help you get by.

Take good care of yourself. You might have difficulty sleeping, or finding yourself awake at night. The loneliest time is when everyone is asleep. Exercise during the day, exhaustion helps you sleep easier. The extra physical activity will also reduce your depression and makes for a good distraction.

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Don’t worry too much about how to get over your first love. Because, to be honest, it will never truly “go away”. It is not just some common cold or a pet. It’s something that will be forever in your head. The more you try to get rid of it, the more it will latch on to you.

I still do think of my first love every now and then. It’s been six long years now, no longer friends and with our own special someone. When I just break up, going out with different guys will always remind me back to him. I remember all the little vivid details, the way he used to tickle my pal before holding them or what his shirt says.

Six years had passed and I’m engaged, yet I still do think of him. Not so much in a loving affectionate maybe he will come back sort of way, rather someone that teach you about love and life and how to be a better person.
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It does take time. My first love becomes a nun. I’m not joking. I lose out to God I guess. You can’t complain to anyone. Your best friend is just time. Isolate yourself from people, you have to. You need to give yourself time to think, maybe read a book. Do not jump back into the water just yet. It will hurt a lot at first, but it will get better slowly. The right time is different for everyone, but after some time, you could get back to see people again. By that time, you will have learned plenty.
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