How to get your husband to notice you?

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asked Sep 25, 2015 in Relationships by Connor22J352 (280 points)
I’ve been married for 12 years now. In the last two years, I noticed that my husband is no longer as sweet and loving as before. Do you have any suggestions to make him notice me more?

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answered Sep 26, 2015 by CharlotteFos (390 points)
One way to get your husband to notice you is by becoming interested in what he likes to do. Sometimes we become too consumed of our idea of a perfect marriage that we forget our husband’s version of it. Get out of your comfort zone and jump right into his. Instead of expecting him to give you flowers and chocolates in your anniversary, why not take the initiative and ask him to spend your special day watching his favorite basketball team live? Or, maybe spend the whole rainy afternoon snuggled close to him while surfing all the sports channel on TV. Your husband will surely appreciate such simple things.

Just because your husband is no longer as sweet and loving as before doesn’t mean that he no longer loves you. Take the initiative to remind him of how it was before between the two of you. Don’t nag him because he forgot your cat’s birthday, instead bring out the wine and ask him to celebrate with you. The place does not matter. It could be in the kitchen or on the porch, for as long as you are together it is okay.
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answered Oct 24, 2015 by BlairCandela (160 points)
I think many women, whose marriage has passed the 10-year point, would start to ask the question: how to get your husband to notice you. There is, albeit, no universal answer to this question. But you can never go wrong, at any point of your marriage, to spice up your sex life. The pitfall that every married couple must avoid is getting complacent in their sexual relationship. Just because you’ve been together for ten years under one roof doesn’t mean that you cannot have sex like before. Change things a bit to make your sexual encounter more exciting. For example, if you are content of your husband leading you to your peak, why not try to be the aggressive one? That will surprise him and perhaps, make him more excited. Also, experiment with different positions that you haven’t tried before. And if you and your hubby are open to the idea, you can try using sex toys to really up your game.

You don’t have to break the bed just to light up your sex life again. Just think of something that is out of your ordinary routine and do it. Don’t wait for your husband to surprise you, this time make the surprising yourself.
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