How to give yourself a hickey on the neck

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asked Jul 17, 2015 in Relationships by RandalPeders (230 points)
I’m trying to prove to my mates that I can get a hickey on my neck. They said I can’t and I want to impress them, so could you tell me how to give yourself a hickey on the neck please? I don’t have a partner so there’s no way anyone else can do it for me so I really need to find another alternative…

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answered Sep 11, 2015 by BERAngelina2 (390 points)

Seriously, trying to give yourself a hickey on the neck is REALLY sad. It would be best if you can try and get someone else to do it for you, like everyone else does…

If you really just can’t, then try the following methods maybe:

  • Giving yourself a hickey with a bottle

Step 1: Choose an area of your neck, arms or chest and get an empty 68oz soda bottle. To avoid creating a mess, rinse the bottle out with water. If you want a small hickey, then use a small plastic bottle for this.

Step 2: Put the top part of the bottle in between the palms of your hands and try to make the spout oval-shaped by pressing it inwards. Doing this mimics the copies the shape of a person’s mouth.

Step 3: Get in front of a mirror and place the bottle opening against your skin.

Step 4: Pinch the outside of the bottle to release a bit of air. Please note that the suction gets tighter when you release more and more air. This makes it more likely for the capillaries underneath your skin to break.

Step 5: Hold the bottle opening on your skin until a firm seal is created. Then allow the bottle to suck on it for 30 seconds. If you want the hickey to be very deep and obvious, you can leave it on for longer.

Step 6: Move the bottle around and create a suction an inch below or above. This stops the hickey from looking too round and makes it look more realistic.

Step 7: To spread the blood into the outer areas of the skin, use a toothbrush and brush where the hickey is. Start at the center of the bruise then brush outwards. Your new bruise (hickey) should last anywhere from 5 days to a week.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner

Find a spot for where you want your hickey to be then switch on your vacuum. Place the suction opening of the hoover on your skin and leave it there for 40 seconds.

  • Pull, twist and pinch

Place a warm rag on your skin for a few minutes and then pull, twist and pinch that spot. You can even grip it tightly under you get the bruising shade you desire.

  • Use a curling iron

This isn’t the best or safest way to do it but it worked for me when I was 14; burn yourself with a curling iron. Do this 3 or four times and in the same place too. The burn will look like a hickey but one that doesn’t look like it was sucked on too hard.

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answered Jul 25, 2015 by IlanaBoxer20 (280 points)

Don’t go out of your way to impress friends. If they were your real friends then they wouldn’t poke fun at you and you wouldn’t have to do things to impress them because they’d accept you for who you are. If you really want one, you can fake it instead of harming yourself and getting a bruise on your neck. This is the method about how to give yourself a hickey on the neck:

Step 1: Buy an eye shadow palette that has the colors: brown, purple, blue, pink and red as these are colors that will create a realistic looking hickey. Hickeys are a form of superficial bruising and they do not affect the deeper tissue which is why they tend to be bright red and pink, so these coolers suggested for the eye shadow palette will help you create a convincing look.

Step 2: Make the hickey stay on for longer by applying a good quality primer before you apply the makeup.

Step 3: Stand in front of the mirror so you can get a clear view of your neck then apply a dark pink eye shadow (with a ½ inch brush) to the desired area of your skin several times. If you have a dark complexion then you can use a brown eye shadow and then a pink one afterwards.

Step 4: Make sure the base color is well blended but bright on your skin. Use the make-up brush to draw continuous circles around the area.

Step 5: Dab your make up brush into the dark purple eye shadow and rub it into your skin in an oval shape. Apply it in the center of the pink eye shadow and make sure you blend it in really well. Doing this will make the bruise look much deeper in the center.

Step 6: Now get just a tiny bit of blue eye shadow and blend it in with the pink and purple. You can alter the color of the bruise by adding a dark red if it looks too light or if you’re going for a more older look with your bruise, then you can go over it with a yellow or green color, because bruises start to look more yellow and green as they mature.

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