How to help someone with anger issues

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I have a friend who suffers from what you would call explosive rage. He goes into rants and tirades that usually involve throwing stuff around and getting into people’s faces. He got into several fights at school last year. His family is past trying to figure out how to help him. How do I help my friend who is having these anger issues?

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You’d better get him to confront the source of his anger. All anger stems from one or more sources, whether it is a breakup or an abusive childhood. Have him write an essay or story about the things that are bothering him. Listen to his words carefully because a good friend is a good listener. It is his time to share his innermost thoughts, so you want to listen first and talk later.

Force the person to face his demons head on. When you face your fears, you are better able to conquer them. Get him to admit to the exact issues that are bothering him. Then, move on to figure out how to solve those problems.
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Treating an angry person takes time. It takes time to understand where he is coming from.

So it is of paramount importance to have him admit that he has a problem. No alcoholic gets off the bottle by refusing to admit that he or she is an alcoholic. No truck driver does better by refusing to admit that he is a bad driver. If people engage in bad behavior and do not see anything wrong, they continue those behaviors.
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How to help someone with anger issues is a tricky question. To calm down a person who is already suffering from anger issues cannot be an easy task. It’s better to take him to places where he can relieve all of that hostility and tension.

Or, alternatively, take him out to a nice, peaceful dinner every now and then. If you are truly his friend and care about him, say this to him.

Also, avoid going to places that trigger negative reactions. Avoid areas that are full of crowds and irritating noises that cause stressful situations. You want to keep your friend calm at all times.
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Um, if you ignore them, they will get mad and if you help them, they will get mad, RUN!!!!

You can also just get a professional

l to help and if not you might just want to be funny and joke so they wont hit you, thats what i do with my best friend who has some anger issues
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