How to keep bees away

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My backyard is a haven for bees that come buzzing in from who knows where. My dogs are afraid to go back there because so many bees are lurking around. I don’t want to venture outdoors either.As the homeowner, how do I get rid of these bees?

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Yeah, when cutting down trees gets old, you need a better solution to keep away bees. As you know bees are attracted to nectar, and the more of it, the better for them. So you should remove traces of nectar that appear around the property. Find this sweet, liquid-like substance in flowers and some trees, and try to remove most, if not all, of these plants. Think of nectar as the sugar that people like to consume. Unless you plan to make honey any time soon, you cannot keep nectar anywhere on your property.
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For folks living in the suburban, how to keep bees away is quite commonly asked. My suggestion is simple: hire a bee removal professional to offer you help. This person could be a beeskeeper who has gone into nests hundreds of times. He has the right clothing and equipment to disturb the nest safely and move it to another location.

After the nest is removed, spray on some bee repellent that keeps the creatures away for good. The bees will leave and never come back. You do not want to poison the bees, so use a product that is all natural. To spray, wait until the day passes and night falls. Bees are less active at night, so you are less likely to be stung.
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Wherever there are flowers and pollen, there are likely to be bees. Remove the flower garden that is attracting the presence of too many bees. Bees are attracted the most to flowers and pollen, so keep the yard free of both.

If you like flowers but not bees, consider moving to a region where there are virtually no bees. Getting rid of the flowers because of a few bees is not reasonable to most gardeners. Bees do not live everywhere, so you have your options.
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answered Aug 14, 2019 by OdetteN57947 (180 points)
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To handle your bee problem, remove the sources of water around the property. Bees like to settle their homes near lakes or springs. But if you leave out a constantly filled bucket of water, that is also a source of water for them.

Like every other type of animal, bees need water to drink and cool off on hot days. Wherever you see standing water, remove it and wait to see the bee population decreases.
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