How to keep birds out of garden

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I see bird droppings on the soil near my garden. The trees with bird nests are right nearby. I cannot chop down the trees, and I cannot relocate my plants either. How am I supposed to keep birds out of the garden?

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Birds like to dig into the flowers and vegetables that are present in gardens. You should not kill birds that are doing what nature wants them to do. But you can prevent them from doing it in your garden.

You want to familiarize yourself with the likes and dislikes of birds. All birds like food, so they will come into your garden to eat. Provide them with a bird feeder, another source of food, near your garden.

With a feeder present, the birds may still fly into your garden. So, consider the fact that birds like water, too. Place a bird bath next to the feeder, and make sure it is big enough to attract attention from several yards away. Birds see from a very long distance, so they are more likely to see a big, sparkling water fountain than a garden.
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Putting up a feeder is a brilliant idea. This can solve once and for all the question of how to keep birds out of garden!
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Keep birds out of your garden with the use of scarecrows. From a distance, birds will not come anywhere near a scarecrow. They will think that a scarecrow is an actual person who is willing to attack them. As you may already know, animals get scared easily by humans. At night, place lights around this hay-filled doll for a spookier effect.

Some farmers like to use fake owls, hawks or other stuffed representations of predators that stalk birds. The birds will not dare get close to a garden that is being watched by a bigger, more intimidating animal. However, some animals are clever enough to figure out that the predator is fake. To make the setting more realistic, move the stuffed animals around as if they have moved positions.

Also, covering the garden is another way to keep the birds out. Use a net or sheet to cover the plants that are attracting winged creatures. It is only a temporary solution, though, because the net comes off eventually.

Plants need sunlight to survive at least, so you want to use the net occasionally. If you do not have time to build a scarecrow, throw on a net. It is not pretty to look at, but it keeps the animals out for the time being.
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