How to keep cats off furniture

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asked Aug 17, 2015 in Pets & Animals by MelvinaTapia (520 points)
Cats are notorious for scratching up furniture and jumping on surfaces where they are not supposed to be. Keeping these animals under control is necessary to keep my sanity. What are some safe and effective ways to prevent cats from ruining my precious furniture?

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answered Aug 27, 2015 by StefanieRosa (400 points)
Use all natural repellents to keep cats off your furniture. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar if you see your cat in the wrong spots. Vinegar is a deterrent for cats and a deodorizer that cleans the air around your furniture. Vinegar is a natural product, so you can spray it on the plants in the garden, too.

Basically, find any smell that is detested by cats and put it in a bottle. Spray it on any surface where your cat is not wanted, such as the couch, the kitchen counter, etc.

Cats tend not to like the smell of hot spices. Sprinkle a handful of cayenne peppers on the places where they are unwanted. You can also use coffee grounds since cats do not like the taste either. Mix lemons, rosemary and cinnamon oils in a bowl and then place the scents on the furniture. Many cats detest the smells of certain dried and fresh herbs. As an extra benefit to you, the fresh scents freshen up a room that a cat has visited.

Using all natural ingredients is recommended because you do not want chemicals to damage the furniture. Typical household cleaners contain cocktails of toxic chemicals, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are harmful to people. Make sure you reapply these natural repellents every week or so.
commented Oct 6, 2015 by TaylaSpielvo (150 points)
you nailed it man. natural repellents are always the best option for everyone wanting to know how to keep cats off furniture.
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answered Oct 11, 2015 by SashaChavis (240 points)
Keep cats from scratching up your favorite chairs and tables with covers. It does not seem practical to place covers over your furniture, but it is an effective solution. When you are out of town on business, use this cover for total protection of your valuable possessions.

Invest in a cover made of plastic or some other slippery material where the cat slides right off and onto the floor. Cats cannot cling onto plastic easily, so they avoid surfaces that are not easy to climb or walk. When you leave for work, it takes a few seconds to throw this cover onto furniture. If you do not like the idea of covers, invest in furniture made of materials that are hard and uncomfortable for the cat to walk on.
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