How to keep mind calm

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I have trouble staying calm throughout the day. I get easily distracted by a mix of thoughts and feelings. When I am put in uneasy situations, my anxiety levels shoot through the roof. I want to know if there are some tips to keep my mind calm.

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First, you need to get rid of distractions. For most people, they cannot stay calm or concentrate well because they are distracted by something. Every human has five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Make sure you are not distracted by any one of these senses.

Most people have a problem with being distracted by noise. If you hear loud noises going off everywhere, buy a good set of headphones. The best solution is to isolate yourself in a quiet setting.

Escaping into fantasy is another way to keep the mind calm. Think about calm things, objects and settings. Some people like to look at paintings or photographs of nature. Other people like to think of a non-concrete object, such as color or movement. They like to look at abstract art pieces that do not focus on reality at all. That way, you will definitely make your mind calm.
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Sometimes, people ask how to keep mind calm without really making an effort to know what causes the disturbances in their mind in the first place. I find it common that your mind becomes jittery because you have done something wrong. So what you then have to do is to right the wrongs and, if necessary, express gratitude to the loving people in your life who have helped you in your pursuit of mental tranquility. When you make amends for situations in the past and when you give gratitude to the people you love and care about, you feel less of a burden on your mind. You do not have to say “thank you” at all; instead, give random acts of kindness. Open the door for them more often, take them on social outings, etc. Behave in a way that promotes peace and coziness both between you and your buddies and inside your mind.
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I think the best way for you is to practice peaceful exercises. Some activities, such as meditation, yoga and massage, are designed specifically to calm the mind. To meditate, you do not have to sit on top of a mountain and make strange sounds with your throat. In fact, you can meditate in any setting that is quiet and free of distractions.

The whole goal of meditation is to relax your mind. One exercise is to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling or close your eyes. Do not try to think too much or focus on anything but peace and calm.

Whichever type of exercise you perform, carry it through to the end. Make whatever move that is necessary to promote peace in your head.
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