How to keep raccoons out of garden

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asked Nov 11, 2018 in Home & Garden by sandria (660 points)
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I know that raccoons are naturally curious animals, but I cannot stand them digging around in my garden. They leave their business around the same plants and flowers that I pick. I do not want to dig up the garden and start over from scratch. What are some ways that I can keep them out of my garden?

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answered Jan 17, 2019 by JackiT083262 (520 points)
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Oh yeah, raccoons are cute creatures in the wild, but only when they are not tearing up your garden! If you live in rural areas as I believe you do, your yard cannot avoid being trampled by these animals. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them without resorting to killing them.

You can place raccoon traps around the garden with baited food. Some animals like to come out at night, so remember to clear the traps in the morning. You do not worry about harming any animal in the process.

You can also install a fence around the garden, but know that not any fence will do. Raccoons are great contortionists that bend, twist and move through the smallest fences. So you need to install an electrified fence that shocks the animals that touch the boards. The shock is normally mild and does not threaten their lives.

Take note of other animals in the area, such as pets. If you choose to build an electrified fence, ensure the safety of animals and humans that pass by it.
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answered Mar 11, 2019 by YettaSpinell (240 points)
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Many gardeners worry about how to keep raccoons out of garden. Fortunately, with the advance of technology, we now have many powerful weapons to tackle this issue.

Have you heard of motion-activated sprinklers that can turn on if the animals get too close? Well, you can install one. Water never hurts a garden, but it does agitate a lively raccoon. The animal will never figure out how to turn off the sprinkles, so he will run away and leave your garden be.

At night, combine the action of sprinklers with motion-activated lights. Think of those bright security lights that you see in parking lots at night. For your garden, you do not need those floodlights that blind everyone in sight.The lights that turn on in the front or back yard are good enough.
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