How to keep squirrels out of your garden

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In any place that has trees, there are squirrels scurrying around. I know some people love the sight of squirrels. But if you have a fruit or vegetable garden, you want to keep the plants intact. So I want to know how to keep them away from my garden.

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The first step to squirrel-proof your garden is to get rid of the things that are attracting squirrels in the first place. Squirrels love nuts and berries, so you want to build wire fence barriers around the plants that grow these foods. Rake up any food that has fallen on the ground because squirrels are attracted to the scent. If you keep the trash outside, keep the lid on tightly. In effect, you will keep squirrels, rodents and roaches away from the yard.

You do not have to cut down any trees in your yard. You are likely to find dangling tree branches that need trimming. When you cut down branches, you remove the homes for tree-dwelling animals. Also, squirrels use these branches as walkways to move from one area to another. They are good climbers and jumpers, so remember that fact as you redesign the garden.

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Using repellant is a good way to get rid of squirrels as well as pests. At garden stores, buy a safe, effective repellant that is specially designed to repel squirrels and small rodents. You can be more creative by making your own all-natural repellants at home. Usually, squirrels do not enjoy the smells of spices, so sprinkle some pepper sand chili powders over the places where they visit.

Spices and natural repellants are less likely to cause harm to the squirrels. The ingredients will not affect the growth of your plants either. Another type of repellant is garlic, which can be mingled with water, vinegar and jalapeno pepper and used as a spray. It is important to use these repellants regularly and make reapplications every time it rains.

Peppermint is another scent that squirrels detest, so placing a peppermint plant in the garden is recommended. You can also dip strong-scented peppermint oil in cottonballs and drop them all over the garden.

Mothballs are natural repellants that are fatal when moths ingest them, but only annoying when squirrels taste them. Place a few of these mothballs all over the garden or stuff them in nylon stockings to hang on the wire fence. The mothballs are not pleasant to taste and keep the squirrels out.
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