How to know when to break up?

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asked May 6, 2018 in Relationships by Theresa (1,100 points)
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My boyfriend and I have been disagreeing on a lot of things lately so I want to know whether our relationship is still worth saving or we just have to make our separate ways.

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answered Sep 1, 2018 by Vito81T75289 (830 points)
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One sign that it is time to break up is when you are not really communicating. Yes, you might be talking to each other, but are you bouncing ideas off each other with the goal of resolving your problems? If not, and if most of your conversations just result into a shouting match, then it is time to give yourselves a break. Breaking up gives both of you the space to think things carefully. If you are really for each other, breaking up will help you realize how you miss one another. If not, then be happy that you escaped from a not so ideal relationship.
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answered Nov 23, 2018 by RebekahKrich (440 points)
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The answer to how to know when to break up is when you are no longer sexually interested in him or he in you. Sex is not everything in a relationship but no relationship can survive without both of you being attracted to each other sexually.

It is time to move on if you feel that he is more interested in other people when you are together instead of focusing all his attention to you. Those wandering eyes that are constantly checking hot chicks around are surefire evidence of his lacking interest in you. The same thing is true if you catch yourself more thinking about that hot gym instructor even when you are out in a date with your boyfriend. Don’t ignore these signs as just normal impulses. Recognize them for what they are – signs that the fire between the two of you is officially extinguished. Set yourself free and get back the chance to find that fire somewhere else.
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answered May 31 by MurielMullet (290 points)
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Ask yourself if you are still happy with him. Do you still enjoy all the things that you do together? Miss him when he’s not around? If your answer is no to all these things, then maybe your happiness lies somewhere else.

I think the reason we enter a relationship with someone is because he makes us happy. If you find that your differences, your work, your views in life prevent you from being truly happy with that person, then it is time to break up with him. Because no matter how much you differ or disagree on things, he is supposed to make you feel complete and happy.
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