How to look younger naturally

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I am getting older and I worry about wrinkles, crow’s feet, you name it. Furthermore, my friends worry about stomach fat and cellulite. But we all worry about the risks of getting major surgery. What can we do to look younger naturally?

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answered May 17, 2019 by Gennie47V842 (420 points)
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Start with the face. Women’s wrinkles and fine lines start to form on the face, and the face is the first thing that people see. The same goes for men, but women complain about wrinkles more often.

To create a more youthful, natural look for the face, use all- natural anti-aging creams. Apply these creams specifically for the face because the skin here is sensitive. And the last thing you want to deal with is acne, especially at your age.

Make sure that the creams contain all natural ingredients without preservatives. A good cream can also be applied to the rest of the body without any issue.
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answered Aug 9, 2019 by LynellDeGill (390 points)
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To anyone asking how to look younger naturally I would always recommend physical exercise. And the best way to do this is to create a plan. Designate the days and times when you plan to exercise.

Exercise is very beneficial for aging people. Exercise promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body. The oxygenated blood gives vitality to every part of the body from the skin to the immune system. You are better able to fight off diseases, absorb nutrients and prevent sagging skin. Extremely fit people are able to think more clearly and avoid the development of age-related mental disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.

People who have exercised all their lives will look at least 30 years younger than those who never exercise.
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answered Jul 12, 2019 by PiperWhitis1 (260 points)
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There are many ways actually, but I want to emphasize on eating more fruits, because so many people nowadays neglect this aspect. You do not just put fruits on your face. You put fruits in smoothies that you drink every morning or in the evening, too. Fruits provide countless nutrients to your body, including antioxidants that remove free radicals. Aging occurs when cells die or become weaker. Antioxidants are essential anti-aging fighters that remove the particles which cause cell death. Also, fruits contain water, Vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals that help people remain strong as they age.

Studies show that eating fruits regularly is known to curb many age-related disorders. You can put fruit on your face or in your salad, but you are better off consuming it raw and taking in all of its benefits.
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