How to lower heart rate

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asked Apr 12, 2015 in Health & Wellness by KennithBrass (250 points)
I have had a heart rate problem for a long time, though I am only 32 now. The problem is that from time to time my heart just starts to race out of control. Especially during the early morning, when I just get out of bed, I just feel like my heart is gonna leap out of my chest. I’m pretty positive that I don’t have any major heart diseases as my doctor has confirmed more than once to me. So what really can I do to slow down my heartbeat?

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answered Jun 6, 2015 by AlejandrinaS (340 points)
Instead of asking how to lower heart rate, you probably should first ask why your heart rate is so high. There might be some techniques or some medications even for your condition, but to reach the heart of your heart problem, you would definitely need to change your lifestyle. I believe for most people who do not have any major heart conditions, the reason for high heart rate is the lack of exercises. So I think the best way out is again through physical exercises, especially some very basic forms like running, swimming and skipping. These aerobic activities are also called cardio exercises for a reason: they are extremely helpful for improving your cardiopulmonary function.

Some people with minor heart conditions tend to think that since these exercises raise your heartbeat during the session, they are harmful to your heart. But that’s totally wrong. The very reason that aerobic activities can make your heart and lungs work better is because they force your body to go through extreme conditions so that it would never panic out during the regular time. It is for the same reason that professional athletes always have significantly lower heart rate comparing to ordinary people: their hearts have become so tough after all the grueling practices that normal life scenarios are just too easy for them to cope with.
commented Aug 20, 2015 by RichelleBale (220 points)
This is interesting stuff. I can totally agree. So many people asking how to lower heart rate instead of trying to get educated why they have a high heart rate in the first place.
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answered Aug 25, 2015 by KandyCairndu (250 points)
I think it’s actually quite common. So people just tend to have higher heart rate than others. And I’m myself among those with a “wild” heart. Throughout the year though, I have figured out a way to deal with this. It is very simple: whenever your heart rate goes off the chart, just sit down and relax, and exhale all the air out of your lungs, then hold your breath for a little while, then gradually start to inhale again. Repeat this process several times, and you will find that your heart rate is going down. This technique works for me perfectly, and I have since then recommended to many people who have the same condition, and it turned out to be effective for most of them.

The rationale behind it is not well-known to me, I have to say. But I can tell you my hypothesis. I think it has something to do with the body’s contingency mechanism for the lack of oxygen: since the body is getting less air, most body functions start to compensate for it, and as a result the heartbeat goes down.

Now, this is only a guess. I don’t really know the mechanism, but what I do know is: this method does work. Try it and judge for yourself.
commented Sep 17, 2015 by MEGAN (800 points)
OMG! This little trick works like magic for me! Huge thanks!
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