How to make a fortune teller

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I often get bored when I'm home alone with my kid sisters, and I need some fun ways to spend time at home. Anyone knows how to make a fortune teller so we can kill boredom? Mum and Dad never stay home, the babysitters are so dumb that they can't teach us anything. I would appreciate any help from you. Thanks a lot in advance!

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Below is a nice video that teach you how to make a fortune teller. Check out the link:

But if you can't spare 10 minutes to watch it, follow my detailed explanation below.

Step one: Shape your paper

Fold one corner of your paper over to the other side to make a square piece. Remove the extra strip of paper by cutting it off. Fold the remaining triangular shape in half to get a smaller triangular shape.

Step 2: Fold into a smaller square

Open your paper and form a square. Fold each corner of the paper in the center to form another, much smaller square. (Some people would prefer folding a rectangular shape first before proceeding further).

Step 3: Fold corners to centers

Turn your paper over and get the corners folded in an opposite direction. Fold it into the center of the opposite side.

Step 4: Form a diamond

Fold your paper into half. Make sure the opening of the fold faces up, pinch the bottom corners of your paper and push it inwards, thereby creating a diamond. Pull out the loose flaps.

image Step 5: Create Your Fortunes

Lay flat the cutie-catcher. Make sure you label all of the four different outside flaps with a simple theme. Use any number to label each of the eight smaller flaps after turning it over. Flip up these flaps and scribble a fortune or themed message on every one of the eight inside flaps.

Step 6: Play with the cutie-catcher

You can now enjoy your cutie-catcher.

Do remember to share how to make a fortune teller after you learn to do it! : )

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