How to make anal less painful

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How can I have anal sex as a first time without experiencing much pains?

Though we have been discussing this issue for quite some time now, but I will love to get some answers on how to make anal sex less painful and add to what I already know.

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I will give you a breakdown of how I and my partner were able to solve this problem. To be sincere, I haven't been able to master how to help myself loosen up a little bit down there, so it took a while before I was able to learn not to be such a frustrating tight-ass:

Step 1: Get used to objects going into your asshole.

You can begin by adopting a comfortable position that makes your ass accessible when you are in a laying position. For me, laying on my side works best.

Ask your partner to lube up his fingers if he loves using that, provided he has no open wounds and his fingers are trimmed. Using a small probing toy also works. He should lube up the inserting object and your asshole. Let him massage the opening for a while before inserting his fingers of the toy into your butt hole. He should start by inserting it a bit, bring it out, massage the hole more, insert it again, and bring it out again. This procedure should be repeated a soften as it takes before your partner can easily insert his finger inside you.

The entire procedure involved in massaging your butt hole and inserting either a toy or a finger helps to relax those muscles subconsciously.

Step 2: Take width

It is possible that your partner's penis is much larger than his fingers or even the toy. If this is the case, do the first step with a larger toy or multiple fingers and a larger quantity of lube. Do this slowly, stop when it starts hurting, and check whether it is best to commence within a few days, weeks or months. Your major goal should be to work up to about 3-4 inches in perimeter (2 fingers, 1.5 inch diameter). Once you are able to take that size without feeling any pains, you can then proceed to the third step.

Step 3: A penis or penis-like instrument

Now, you can start playing either with your partner's penis or any other object of that size. But you have to repeat step 1 (massage, then insert, massage again, and insert more). If your boyfriend gets an erection by rubbing your ass with his penis tip, he can use the penis tip to massage gently but slowly. Once he feels any resistance, he must stop and repeat the whole massage-insert procedure. Again, he must use some more lube. He may also slip around a bit as well. Alternatively, you can buy a dildo or a bigger probe to achieve this.

He can equally quite trying to penetrate and get you to push yourself on him, to enable you ascertain the extent to which you can take it. I did this to my boyfriend every few minutes.

Eventually, you can be able to take a little of him, maybe the head only or a little bit more. This was where I stopped. The next time we tried, I relaxed a bit more and went a bit further. We kept doing this until I could take the whole of him in that position. We did a number of penis-in-butt classes before we could get that far.

I'm not sure if the above content is enough for you. If you still have any questions about how to make anal less painful, you can refer to this page:

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First, it is not easy to have anal sex for the first one or two attempts. I did try for up to a month before I was able to have a full anal sex. It can be a very tough thing to do and very painful too. Your boyfriend will enjoy the anal sex no doubt, but before you agree to it, think of the blood, the difficulty to sit, walk or use the toilet and decide if it is really worth trying. If you are still a virgin and want to remain one for some serious reasons, you can then consider having anal sex.
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This might seem a little bit weird, but a number of girls have told me it really works. Additionally, the advice below on how to make anal sex less painful is given on the assumption that you had gone to the toilet to empty your bowels beforehand. Anal sex makes you feel like pooing right? Try to poo before engaging in anal sex, this will enable you relax more during the action. Pooing opens up the anus. Once you feel like pooing during anal sex, go to the toilet and poo to enable you relax the tight muscles, thereby making the anal sex less painful.

Don't forget to lube.

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