How to make friends after college

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Is it harder or easier to socialize after college? Can anyone tell me how to make friends after college?

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This is one problem every college graduate faces after graduation. All the friends you made in college simply go back home to stay with their families or change city for better job opportunities.

So how to make friends after college? Making friends outside your circle of colleagues or mutual friends can be a very hard task for adults. To some people, it is an impossible task.

I had the same experience after college. I would sit at home alone thinking about how much my circle of friends had dwindled to just a few friends.

Below are some techniques that helped me make some new friends.

1. I heard about the services of and how they help you meet new people. I joined quite a number of interest groups and made new friends. I found out that the most important key to making a whole lot of new friends after college is repetition. Make sure you see the people you wish to establish new friendship with as often as possible so you don't have to make new acquaintances every time. You have to put in some extra efforts to make new friends after college because friends won't come to you easily like they did during your high school or college days.

2. Meet new people at your local church. In the church most people are nice and willing to talk after the service. What can be better than chatting with friends while getting a sip of free tea? ;)

3. Device new means of doing things or find new things to do. Something like a photography class for newbies would be ideal. Make use of daily deals such as LivingSocial, Groupon, etc to take these classes and get involved in some other activities. You can get involved in casual adult leave sports, professional development sessions or volunteering. Getting involved in any of these activities will enable you meet new people and join the trending discussions.

4. No matter how busy you are, always find time to ask some people out for drink/coffee/group lunch every once in a while. Apart from helping you make new friends, this will strengthen the bond between you and your colleagues.

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Considering how to make friends after college, I would suggest you spending more time with your few friends, especially if they have friends that can become your friends. When you find your friends' friends who you share some mutual interests with, celebrate those interests and find out if the new acquaintances stay in your neighborhood. Search for them on popular social networking sites and hook up with them. Make arrangements to hang out with them anytime soon. You can host a party in your home and invite them over or attend an event with them.

A great way to maintain your friendships is to host friendly gatherings once in a while. You can host board gaming once a month to bring more friends together. Encourage your friends to bring their friends to these events as well.

Carry your social networking cards around when attending public functions. These cards should contain your details like name, phone number, email address, twitter handle, and Facebook id. Give it to people who would love to maintain contact with you.
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Let me give you some tips on how to make new friends when you leave college. To make more friends, you must get yourself mentally prepared by following the tips outlined below.

1. People will realize your need for new friends as a fresh college graduate or a new neighbor. Understanding this will help you not to feel ashamed of making efforts to make new friends. People won't try to make you feel bad for trying to get acquainted with them. They understand your need for a new circle of friends, and they may probably want to help you.

2. Find out what you have in common with the new people you meet. It is not just about making new friends. It is important you hook up with people that share your interest in a number of issues such as cooking, church activities, sports, fashion, etc. This may take some more small talks and time to discover, but in the end, it will always be worth it. Discovering your shared interests will make the friendships you establish very purpose-driven ones. These shared goals when discovered can turn a mere colleague into a partner, and a neighbor into a family friend.

3. Appear Vulnerable. Openness and vulnerability play major roles in building good communication skills. You can equally gain the needed trust from your new acquaintances by sharing your low and high points in life with them. Apparently, this does not imply sharing all your deep secrets with a new acquaintance.

4. Give the friendship attention. No relationship will work out without the right level of commitment and efforts. Without the right efforts, friendships can never grow. For your relationships to become meaningful, you must make them your priority.

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