How to make lips pink

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How can I make my lips pink? So they would be healthy and kissable XD. Thanks x

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I know it’s every girl’s dream to have pink soft lips! I searched online for those methods listed below. I have tried some, like using cucumber juice and keep myself hydrated every day. I have now less lip lines and the color turned to pink a little. The answer to how to make lips pink is to try these methods, find the best one for you and do it regularly

  • To keep the tan lightened:

We all love getting tanned, but actually sun tan hurt our skin. Lips are very fragile skin as well, thus, keeping the tan lightened is very important. Here are how to make lips pink solutions 101. ;)

Lemon-honey treatment

Mix an equal amount of lemon juice and honey in a hollow bowl and mix them thoroughly well. Apply to your lips and leave it for about one hour. Wash off the mixture after the one hour has elapsed and your lip will wear a smooth and pinky look. This is one effective way of battling lip tanning due to over-exposure to the sun. For faster results, do this several times daily.


Pick a piece of cotton and dip it into a glycerin bottle, rub it on your lips before you sleep. This will keep your lips nourished all through the night.


Get one slice of pure red beetroot and massage it on your lips gently. It will make the tan disappear from your lips. The beetroot natural color will also help lighten your lips.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice remains the most effective way to lighten dark lips.

  • To remove dead skin and keep your lips moisturized:

Toothbrush exfoliation

To get rid of dead skin, regular exfoliation is required. One simple way to achieve this is by making use of a toothbrush. Rub a very moist toothbrush on your lips in a circular motion.

Be gentle in order not to hurt your lips. Giving your lips such massage will not only get rid of dead skin, but will also increase the flow of blood to your lips. This softens the lips and gives them a pinky shade.

Sugar-honey lip scrub

You can prepare your sugar and honey scrub at home. Add some crystallized sugar into some honey. Message your lips with this mixture very gently. It will remove the dead skin and moisturize your lips.

Pomegranate seeds

Crush some pomegranate seeds, add some cold milk and mix it thoroughly to form a paste. Apply the wonder paste to your lips, leave it to dry before washing it off with cold water. Repeat this as often as possible, and after a few weeks, your lips will look pinky.

Turmeric-milk paste

Add some turmeric to some milk to form a paste. Allow the paste to dry on your lips before washing it off. It will leave pink lips in its wake.

  • Apart from the corrective measures outlined above, it is also important to take some preventive approaches to make sure your lips stay healthy, soft, and pink. Below are some major steps to take adding to the how to make lips pink solution 101:

Keep yourself hydrated. This will help you renew the beauty of your lips. Drink plenty of water daily.

Eat plenty fruits and veggies for adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals to your body. These nutrients will help keep your lips and skin healthy, soft and succulent, giving them that natural appeal.

Keep your lips protected from excessive exposure to the sun rays. The sun will make your lips dark, causing the formation of moles and sunspots. So keep them protected whenever you are out under the hot sun. Get a lip balm that contains SPF 15 or more to help your lips retain their pink look.

Sleep under a humidifier. If your skin is dry, and constantly chaps and flakes, sleeping under a humidifier will do you some good. The humidifier is designed to moisturize your indoor atmosphere and maintain the supple and soft nature of your skin.

Take less coffee and tea. Excess coffee/tea is bad for your lips. The caffeine contained in tea and coffee are known to darken the lips.

Avoid tobacco. One big enemy for your lips you must avoid at all cost is tobacco-smoking. Smoking gives your lips a lifeless and sick look. Avoid smoking to stay healthy and maintain your beautiful lips.


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You can also get pink lips by using make-up. Just follow the steps outlined below.

  • Choose a matching lip liner and a lipstick color. Select the pink shade suit you the most, and find a lip liner that closely resembles it.
  • Apply your lip liner. Use the edge of the lip liner to trace the edge of your lip. Use your fingers to keep the color blended towards your lip center. Focus on the corners of your lips and cupid's bend.
  • Apply your lipstick. Make sure the lipstick does not go outside the lips. You should use a good lip brush to get a perfect result if your hands aren't stable.
  • Use a tissue to pat your lips. Get a very neat tissue, put the tissue between your lips, and press your lips tightly together to get rid of the excess lipstick.
  • Add a very clear lip gloss or lip balm. This keeps the lipstick sealed, add a shiner and keep the lips moisturized.

NB: Remove the lipsticks immediately you get home to make sure your lips do not become dry and dark.

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