How to make yourself cry

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asked May 13, 2015 in Health & Wellness by CurtNapier2 (280 points)
How can I make myself cry? For instance as an actor or to fool someone on April fool's Day? How to make yourself cry?

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answered Aug 13, 2015 by NMBEdythe253 (410 points)
I know it’s really important for an actor to cry ‘in time’. However, the tears may not be as tame. I would say these are methods on how to make yourself cry if you need them. They have been experimented by many people online! ;)
Method 1: Keep your eyes wide open for long
•    Keep your eyes wide open for as long as you can endure till tears fill your eyes.
•    Use your fingers to force your eyes open, and keep them open for about 60 seconds.
Method 2: Remember something that makes you sad
•    Remember any sad event, like saying it was all your fault or think about something you miss a great deal. Such memories can get the tears rolling down your cheek.
Method 3: Help yourself with some irritating onion/oil
•    Get some onion or Olbas oil with your eyes close to it. You can also sniff some menthol to induce tear flows.
•    Put a menthol balm in a tissue and use it to blow your nose
Method 4: Let eye drops help you (recommended for the April fool’s)
•    Put some eye drops into your eyes
•    Affect the appropriate expression
Method 5: Get some musical help
•    Play some very sad music
•    Imagine a past sad event while the music plays. Think of a dear one that died or any other thing you think will make you really sad.
•    You can also watch the video below and concentrate while you watch it, it really makes me sad:

Method 6: Yawning
•    Use both hands and cover your nose while you yawn. This is a natural way to make your eyes tearful.
Some of the things you do while you try to fake it can hurt your eyes, like rubbing the eyes. It can also give you wrinkles. Try to feel the way you would if you were really sad.
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answered Sep 2, 2015 by LaylaWainsco (320 points)
Forget all sad experiences and the movies. Those things are not the right ways to how to make yourself cry. This is what I learnt from a friend, which I have used severally and find very effective:

1. Learn chin quivering. I do not know how this works, but if you are able to get your cheeks to quiver ever slightly, you can cry effortlessly. I can't say if it is due to the sensitive nature of the mouth, cheeks and lips. Have some sensitive pressure zones. When you quiver these pressure zones rapidly, you will naturally feel it.

2. Learn to produce tears easily. One easy way to produce tears without having to splash anything like water or Visine into your eyes is to avoid blinking. Keep your eyes wide open. Your eyelids moisturize your eyes each time you blink. When you fail to blink for long, your eye will try to manipulate the flow of moisture they would have gotten if you had blinked. This manipulation leads to the flow of tears, which is the principle behind the use of Visine for relieving eye dryness. It is important to point out the need for you not to make this a regular habit. Try to be real and don't fake things that should come naturally. Cry only when you need to do so and not by trying to force your eyes to produce tears involuntarily. I know one or two people who use this technique to entertain others. This technique can be ideal for talent hunt shows.
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