How to make yourself faint

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It is not as if I'm planning to faint anytime soon, but I heard a friend talking about it and wondered if I could get some vital information on how to make yourself faint. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

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A weird question, isn't it? But when I search it on the internet, the result did surprise me, for that there are such many people wondering about this. So I put the best result from the several sites here, wish this could help you…

Step 1:

Choose an appropriate time, but not at the centre of an over-populated hall, you need to create a kind scene first, to get people's attention. The aim of this is to make the people believe that you really fainted, and not to be stepped on and killed.

Step 2:

Initiate steadily downwards while walking, and gently hold your head as if you have a severe headache, close your eyes a bit, but make sure you can still see partially; but don't forget you must not overdo this.

Step 3:

Stay quiet. You don't have to do this suddenly, but slow down gradually until you stop. Close your eyes and open for a while attempting to focus.

Step 4:

To make it realistic, you must appear dizzy and weak for a while before going down. Drop your focus slowly on what you are doing, and appear increasingly weaker. Take your breaths slowly, while you become weaker.

Step 5:

It gives you an odd feeling and you should pretend to need some fresh air or a glass of water. You can either say you wish to sit down or ask someone nearby to open the window. Sit awhile and stand up slowly, and wait for a while before falling onwards. But don't fail to start a sentence such as, I don't have to finish the sentence.

Step 6:

You must be cautious while falling in order not to hit your head on a hard surface or hurt any part of your body. If you are standing, get your knees folded and make sure they hit the floor before trying to make your upper body fall. You must be fast while carrying out each of these tasks to make the whole thing appear real. Try falling on your thigh's backside, do not use your tailbone or hip ,and then drop the upper part of your body quickly.

Step 7:

Stay down on the floor and keep reminding yourself of the fact that you are not flexible in any way. If anyone tries to raise up your arm and shake it, allow your body to relax totally, and when the person drops your hand, permit it to fall without trying to control the fall.


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If you have been wondering how to make yourself faint, I kept wondering about that myself until I tried it and it worked.

So stay down with your two hands between your two legs and take deep breaths in and out for at least 10 consecutive times. Then get back to your feet, take a deep breath once more, place your thumb on your lips and blow out very hard while ensuring no air finds an escape route.

I hope this little tip helps you learn how to make yourself faint!

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I agree with Answer 1. How to make yourself faint is surely a weird question, but since my friends taught me how to faint, I have been practicing it every once in a while with great success. You can call me a creepy freak if you like, but there are people who would want to learn. If you have always wanted to know how to make yourself faint, follow the steps below:

  1. Squat against a wall
  2. Take continuous breaths about 15-28 times
  3. Take a deep breath one more time, hold your breath and stand on your feet
  4. Continue holding your breath until you achieve a very clear vision (assuming you are still conscious)
  5. Make sure someone is nearby to catch you so you won't hit the floor. It is not advisable to have your parents around when practicing this.

How many breaths you took determines how long you remain blacked out. 15 breaths may be sufficient for a number of people. I always recommend 20 for everyone. Do this when the rate at which your heart beats is at the resting rate.

NB: You may dream of certain things after you faint.

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There are different things you can do to make yourself faint.

  • One of the most effective tips you can find on how to make yourself faint is to avoid eating and allow your sugar levels drop. Reduced sugar levels can make you feel dizzy and make you unconscious. People suffering from severe diabetic cases find it difficult to faint. If they don't eat well or take adequate amount of insulin, fainting can occur.
  • One other way to make yourself faint is by holding your breath. Your brain needs oxygen. You will pass out if your brain fails to get adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Another factor that can lead to fainting is hyperventilating. You lose a lot of carbon dioxide anytime the rhythm of your breathing is no longer in sync. It is really important that your breathing to remain in a very smooth sync. The disruption of this rhythm and the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide can lead to fainting.
  • Another factor that is capable of making you faint is changes that occur in your blood pressure. If you have a condition that has placed you under blood pressure medication, failing to take your medication religiously or not taking it in any way can make you faint.
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