How to make yourself throw up?

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There are times when I feel discomfort in my stomach that I want to vomit, but I just can’t. Is there a way to make yourself throw up safely?

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The easiest way to make yourself throw up is by using your index finger to activate your body’s gag reflex. This is both convenient and easy to do as you don’t need anything else but your finger. Just stick your finger far enough into your throat. Reach out as far as you can and touch the floor of your tongue lightly. The result is often felt immediately as you start to gag and your stomach push its content upward. Quickly remove your finger just before you throw up to minimize the risk of choking.
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I am not sure if this trick will work for you, but watching some gory or other unpleasant videos make some people throw up. Just think of something that make you queasy and find a video related to it. Watch it repeatedly until you feel your stomach churning. But if that’s not enough to get you to vomit there is always your index finger to fall back on.
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I don’t think this is gonna work. I want to know how to make yourself throw up, not how to make yourself feel gross…
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Some people swear that drinking salt water can make them vomit immediately. Haven’t tried it but just thinking about drinking a glassful of the salty liquid makes me feel nauseous. If you want to try it, just mix 4 to 5 tablespoon of table salt into a glass of water and drink the mixture. Your body’s natural defense mechanism will reject that much salt and start throwing it out of your stomach. If you’re lucky, just the taste of salt will be enough to make you vomit even before your stomach realizes what you’ve taken. But be warned, there’s danger in taking that much salt at once so only do this if you are really desperate to throw up and no other method is working for you.
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The index finger method is great but if you are not brave or crazy enough to try it, the next best method is by taking medication that induces vomiting. These drugs are called emetics, so take note of that when you ask the pharmacist. They are available in tablet or syrup form and can be bought without prescription. The helps you throw up by making the stomach wall contract severely, which in turn send whatever is inside your stomach up your throat and out of your mouth.
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