How to meet new people

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asked Jun 26, 2015 in Relationships by BriMUEK (270 points)
My roommate and I have moved into this new, big city. I have heard so many stories about it, but I have never done anything yet. We’re both ready to go out on the town tomorrow night. I am ready to meet all kinds of interesting people, do you have any suggestions?

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answered Sep 27, 2015 by OdetteGroves (510 points)
There are different ways to meet people. Hanging out at a strip club at night is one way to meet people.Hitchhiking a ride with a truck driver and swapping digits is another way. To meet new people, you want to consider the environment first. Choose an environment that is totally relevant to your beliefs and interests.

For instance, a poet joins a literary club to befriend other poets and creative people. A poet does not meet new people while waiting in line at the grocery store. A musician meets people while performing at bars and nightclubs. He meets the fans that go backstage to speak to him one on one. However, a musician does not meet new people while on a plane ride to another country.

Wherever you come across people you like, make it happen in an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself.
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answered Jul 15, 2015 by Audrey (920 points)
Meeting people is easy because you meet people every time you step outside. You see people on the daily routine to and from home. You greet the neighbor, jog at the park, go to the store and do plenty of other activities.

Along the way, there are some people you see almost every day, and others who you have never seen before. If you run into a familiar stranger, get to know the person’s name. It takes only one minute to start a brief conversation. Engaging in small talk does not mean that you have to become best friends with the person. But you may find out that you two have a few things in common. And that could be a good start.
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answered Sep 20, 2015 by SRCStanton35 (200 points)
The answer to how to meet new people is that you talk to people who you do not talk to often. Take down your barriers and talk to people who are different from you. Step into another world and learn about other cultures that you may find interesting.

You may get stared at or welcomed coldly in some places, but you will explore like you have never explored so before. Feel a sense of personal satisfaction when you open up your mind to allow in new friends and ideas.
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